Here’s How to Get a Military Discount at Kohl’s

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I absolutely love it when I find out about new discounts or shopping tricks. It’s like solving a puzzle– how to get the best stuff for the cheapest price. And one of those places I love to frequent is Kohl’s. Between their loyalty program, Kohl’s Cash, and regular sales, I pride myself on being able to get a good–and sometimes amazing– price for things that I’d normally buy (and sometimes I wouldn’t).

This winter I managed to score a Dyson vacuum for nearly half price during Black Friday Sales at Kohl’s. (And then there was Kohl’s Cash on top of that, which I bought Christmas presents with.) I also stacked my Ebates rewards and had it shipped to the store…  which meant a fatter rebate check. (Yay!)

This spring, I managed to purchase over $700 worth of items for just under $250 for a basket raffle fundraiser at my church. (Kohl’s Cash again meant that I was able to purchase even more later for the event as well. Boom.)

So, I was just a tiny (just kidding, hugely) bit excited to see that Kohl’s is now offering a military discount during what they’ve dubbed “Military Mondays.”

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How much is the discount?

Kohl’s is offering a 15% in-store discount. It does not apply to online purchases.

When is the discount available?

From now until the end of 2019, every Monday is a “Military Monday,” which is when you can grab that 15% off your purchases.

Who can benefit?

This might be the best part of all– the discount is available for current military personnel, veterans, and military families. Bring your valid military ID, military dependent ID, or veteran ID (a state-issued ID card indicating veteran status or DD-214 will suffice) with you to the store to prove your military status.

Are there other stipulations?

You can’t combine percent-off discounts or age-specific discounts with the military discount. Kohl’s Cash coupons, Yes2You Rewards, and other promotional gifts will be applied before the military discount is taken.

In addition, Kohl’s notes that these brands and items cannot have the military discount tendered on their purchase: Gift Cards; Kohl’s Cares® cause merchandise or other charitable items; select online-exclusives; premium athletic; beauty and fragrance; consumables; select electrics; premium electronics and warranty products; sporting goods; sports team merchandise; premium sunglasses; toys; Columbia; Dyson; Koolaburra by UGG; Levi’s; S’well and Timberland.

(Have more questions? Check out Kohl’s press release about their new discount.)

Here's how you can get a military discount at Kohl's a save big.

Still want to use your Ebates? You can!

Did you know that you can make in-store purchases using Ebates (so you continue to add to your rebate check)?  Sign up for free and start getting cash back right now. (Spend $25 and get $10 back right away!)

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