These Amazon Prime Day 2020 Deals Are Perfect for Military Life

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Y’all, Prime Day 2020  is upon us. And it’s two days long this year!

Even if you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, it might be a great time to try it out for free. Amazon ships APO/FPO (just watch out– there are exceptions, depending on the products). If you’re cracking those textbooks open, remember that Amazon offers Prime at $6.49 a month for students–and that’s not a Prime Day deal. That stands anytime. (You can also try it out as a student as a six-month free trial.)

Amazon Prime Day deals that make military life easier.

But first, two pro tips.

Pro tip 1:

You can save even more by using Rakuten (formerly Ebates). Amazon is a store that offers a certain percentage back and coupons if you first use Ebates and then click through to Amazon. You get cash back. That’s real–I’ve gotten more than $1,000 back over the past few years using Ebates for online shopping. You can sign up for free and start getting cashback now.)

Pro tip 2:

Use Ibotta to purchase from Amazon and get cash back, too. I’ve also gotten more than $1,000 back in purchasing through Ibotta and it stacks on top of coupons and sales, too.  (And yes! It works at the Commissary!) Cash out instantly through PayPal or Venmo when you hit $20, or choose gift cards from retailers like Starbucks, Amazon, and Target. Don’t have Ibotta yet? Sign up now and get a cash bonus the first time you use it.

For deployment


If you use music to express your feelings (or you just need to keep the playlist fresh for your workouts), Amazon Music Unlimited can help you with that. Start a 30-day trial for free or sign up for four months for 99 cents.


If your speed is more binge-watching, you can score 99-cent months for two months from Amazon Channels, where you can get on-demand access to channels like Starz, Showtime, and HBO.


And if your idea of a deployment bucket list is a bunch of books, you can get 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for free or six months for $29.97. Usually, that’s $9.99 a month. Yassss.

For your home

Know exactly what’s going on around your house with Ring Video Doorbell and Amazon Echo. There are a bunch of different options depending on what works best for you, but the price cuts are deep no matter the package you choose.

For PCSing

Gearing up for a lot of travel? Audible can make those hours in the car go by faster… especially while you’re listening to a great mystery novel or memoir.  For the kids? Crank up Harry Potter or the Chronicles of Narnia for a road trip everyone will love. Get 30 days of Audible Plus for free a month if you’re a new subscriber. 

Help that won’t go away

Believe it or not, Amazon also has a Home Services section where you can put an order in for help in a bunch of domestic duties. Need a treadmill assembled? They have someone for that. Need your home cleaned? Yep. They’ve got someone for that too. I’m not saying that this is something that you’ll tap into often… but we’ve all been there during a deployment: Nothing is going right AND THEN something breaks, gets ruined, you name it… and you need back up. Amazon Home Services could be that back up. While there isn’t a Prime Day special, you can use Rakuten to get 3% cash back on Amazon Home Services.

(Please remember that all of these deals are subject to change. Amazon’s policies and price changes are their decision and not mine.)

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