How Military Spouse Entrepreneurs Can Win a $40K Franchise

If you've ever dreamed about opening your own business, you'll want to check out this giveaway. A veteran-owned business is giving 5 military spouses franchises worth $40,000 as well as training and help to get them started so they have a flexible, remote, and PCS-safe career. You could be one of those milspouses. #ad

This post is sponsored by EventPrep. All opinions and work are my own. The second month of my marriage I spent (mostly) frustrated with what my life and career had become. I was a teacher who left my school and career after five years to marry the love of my life. The only problem? My […]

Here’s How Milspouses Can Get $360 in Free Career Tools Every Time They PCS

If you’re like the vast majority the military spouse community, you’ve dealt with at least a few frustrations when it comes to your career. I know I have. My story isn’t much different than many other spouses’. When John and I married, I left my job as a high school English teacher, moved out of […]

Check Out This Website for Military Family Transition and Career Help

Milspouse career help, military transition information

(This is a guest post written by Brian Niswander, the founder of It is not a sponsored post.) After studying the military-to-civilian transition process for more than a decade, a group of veterans decided to help military families by sharing advice and important lessons from service members and spouses who’ve gone before them.  The […]

To the Milspouse Unsure of Their Next Career Step

A having career as a milspouse can be tough. If you’re like me, you had to quit your job to get married and move to your spouse. Maybe you had to leave after a PCS. Maybe you married early and never got started. But for most military spouses (not all… just most), a career during […]

This Entrepreneur Has a Message for Military Spouses

Love this idea for entrepreneurship! #milspouse

Thanks to Liz from Sseko Designs for this guest post! Hi! I’m Liz. I’m the co-founder of Sseko Designs. When I was 22, I moved to Uganda to be a journalist and write about issues facing women living in extreme poverty. While there, I met an incredible group of young women who had tested into […]

This Company is Offering a Discount to Milspouse Entrepreneurs

This is not a sponsored post; I have not received monetary compensation for this post. For many military spouses, direct sales is a stable, flexible choice for careers. From candles to makeup to fitness products, there are a myriad of ways that spouses can wade into entrepreneurship (or dive head-first, your choice). While there are […]

How to Deal with Change as a Military Spouse

I have such a hard time when change happens, and it happens all the time in military life. I love these strategies for making transitions easier.

I needed to breathe. I was trapped inside our new apartment and the walls were closing in. My adrenaline had somehow kicked on and I was panicking and getting ready to cry. I sat on our unmade bed in our messy house and felt like I was a complete failure and total wreck. It wasn’t […]

How to Start a Military Spouse Owned Business in 5 Easy Steps

Today, Kayla Roof, a fellow milspouse and blogger, is sharing her tips for starting a business as a military spouse. Enjoy! Congratulations! You’re thinking about starting your own MilSpouse Owned business. Having the freedom to work from any duty station, generate income for your family, and continue your career is amazing.  It’s also not a pipe-dream. It’s […]

Work From Anywhere: 10 Smart Business Ideas for Military Spouses

Thanks to Chelsea from Making Home Base for guest posting today about portable careers! Four years ago, I was sitting in the living room of my new (to me) base house after having just PCSed. I was questioning whether or not I should go ahead with this dream I had been scheming in my head for […]

How to Make Ends Meet as a Military Family on One Salary

Less than $5,000. That’s what I made–cumulatively–during the first half year I was a military spouse. I had a master’s from a major university. I had five years of work experience with outstanding recommendations from my superiors. I had worked hard– really hard– during that first half year of marriage. I was teaching as many […]