How to Incorporate Physical Touch Into Your Long-Distance Relationship

This is not a sponsored post, but it is from my friends at Tangible. They’re a group of Stanford grads who are trying to make long-distance relationships more… well, tangible! I knew you’d want to hear what they have to say!  The Dominant Love Language  Let’s embrace it – physical touch is the dominant love […]

Dating a Military Man: What You Should Know First

how to date a military man

When I first started dating my husband, his military affiliation was the furthest thing from my mind. Eventually, however, the reality of being intimately (ahem) connected to a military man moved into focus. I had questions: How will the military affect your love life? How much time will you be able to spend together? How […]

71 Deployment Gift Ideas: What to Give and What to Avoid

When you’re far apart from your sweetie because of deployment, a care package is a great way to ship your love overseas! We compiled a list of 12 deployment gift ideas that spouses and family members can give to their loved one stationed overseas. We also list down things you should avoid giving as deployment […]

What Every Military Spouse Should Know About Divorce (Even If You’re Happily Married)

Please note: This article is not professional legal advice and is meant for entertainment purposes only. Consult a practicing lawyer in your area for information on your particular situation. When you get married, divorce is likely not on your radar. However, for some military couples, divorce eventually does become a reality. While the majority of […]

36 Powerful Bible Verses for Those Serving in the Military

Military service can be a stressful, yet important and meaningful, calling. From boot camp to deployment, PCSing to  promotions these verses can offer a sense of calm and purpose, even in the turbulence of military life. No matter the branch of service– Navy and Marines, Coast Guard, Army, Air Force, Space Force, National Guard, or […]

43 Bible Verses About Marriage and Love

These collected Bible verses are all about marriage and love. #marriage #quotes #bible #bibleverse #wedding #love #religious #christian #christianity

Military life can often create a lot of stress… and a lot of joy. And oftentimes, those who are in love with a member of the military navigate the relationship, engagement, and marriage alone. For some military spouses, leaning on religious practices like reading holy texts, praying, or attending worship services, can help to alleviate […]

54 Questions to Ask Your Long-Distance Friend

It's time to rekindle friendships intentionally. Start with this list.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but also makes having spur of the moment heart-to-hearts with your best friends kind of challenging. One easy way to get (or keep) a conversation going is through asking questions. Whether you’re in need of a quick laugh, something more serious or an easy prompt to reconnect, there’s a […]

Ask Your Spouse These Questions Before Homecoming

Deployment. Homecoming. Reintegration. Make these life changes a little smoother by preparing with your deployed service member now. #deployment #military #army #navy #airforce #marines #ng #reserves #ldr #longdistance #longdistancerelationship #militaryfamily #milfam #militaryspouse #milspouse #milso #milspo

Hooray! Homecoming is rapidly approaching. But also, homecoming is coming and the world you’ve carefully crafted for survival is about to be rebuilt from the ground up. It’s time to ask serious questions and tackle the tough topics, now, to ensure a smoother reintegration period later. Be honest about your deployment life Truth time: what […]

83 Questions to Ask Your Partner For Every Occasion and Stage of Life

Bookmarking this right now! #relationship #question #relationshipadvice #marriage #longdistance #ldr #longdistancerelationships #love #iloveyou

You ever just think “I wish there was a giant list of stuff to ask my partner”? Yeah, me, too. There are important questions, silly queries and just because prompts to get the two of you chatting about breakfast faves, financial plans and everything in between! For Serious (but New) Relationships This is the time […]

11 Amazing Military Graduation Gifts They’re Guaranteed to Adore

Don't be empty-handed. Here are the perfect gifts for each kind of military graduation. #milfam #gift #militaryfamily #milspouse #milso #milspo #militaryspouse #militaryso #milspouses #milsos #army #navy #airforce #marine

I’ve faced down my fair share of military events. But nothing is more daunting than finding the just-right gift to give for a military graduation. About a decade ago, I had the Year of Graduations: OCS, TBS, MOS school. All within about six months. Friend, I was flat gift giving-ed out! However, all of that […]