10 Harry Potter Themed Care Packages

There are few franchises that have caught our attention and imagination like Harry Potter. (And there are few that are so much fun, either!) When John was deployed I sent him a Harry Potter themed care package and he loved it. If you do a little digging, there are Harry Potter care package ideas all […]

10 Must-Have Apps for Military Spouses

I didn't know about some of these apps. Perfect for military life.

I use my phone incessantly. Sometimes too much. But my life is on my phone– both work and social– so it’s hard to give it up. Instead, I’ve tried to use my phone to simplify and enrich my life, rather than letting it become a huge time suck. I know I’m not alone. Military spouses […]

102 “Open When” Letter Topics

Saving later for deployment! Open when letter topics

Open When letters are a great way to keep in touch with your long distance loved one and send a little instant encouragement. They’re also fantastic for deployments that may be difficult to get mail to (like submarines or special ops) or situations that don’t have ready internet access. If you haven’t sent an Open […]

102 Puns for Care Packages

It’s probably no surprise that I love dorky puns. They are so much fun– especially when you’re working with a long deployment and not feeling particularly creative. So here you go– 102 puns, broken into topics and some with suggestions of what to put with them! Write them on sticky notes and attach to different products, […]

151 Awesome Items for Your Next Care Package

Great suggestions and ideas for military care packages. Pin to save for the next deployment!

It’s time to fill that care package! A common thread I hear from military spouses and significant others: I’m at a loss for what to send! I don’t know what to send my boyfriend (or girlfriend). I’m totally lost! I get it– it can be intimidating, especially with Pinterest and Instagram perfect ideas scrolling on […]

How Ikea Saved Us Cash on Wedding Decorations

One of my favorite breakthroughs– and perhaps the one that I’m most proud of– during the wedding planning process was taking an inadvertent stroll through Ikea and realizing that so many of the products that we were using for decorations were available at the Swedish superstore… and drastically cheaper than other stores, too!  It was […]

51 Tips for Deployment, Homecoming, & Everything in Between

Homecoming, deployment, reintegration-- tons of tips to help through every stage.

We’re off on our honeymoon! I will be far away from the computer (although I promise I’ve got a lot of awesome, new posts in store upon my return.) While I’m gone, I’ve got scheduled posts for you!  Towards the end of John’s deployment, I began reflecting on the past year and wrote a series […]