What a Family Heirloom Taught Me About the Military Spouse Community

There's room at the table for all military spouses.

It’s been raining for about 18 days so far. The weather is grey. The rain is grey. Everything is grey. It matches my mood. I’ve been discouraged and frustrated lately. Usually I’m a cheerleader of the military community. I’m excited by the initiative, the creativity, the passion that so many military-affiliated people possess. But recently, […]

How to Get Free Good Humor Ice Cream if You’re in Washington DC

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Good Humor. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. If you were in Downtown Washington DC yesterday, you might have noticed something a little bit… strange. Big-headed Presidents atop a double-decker bus, the Good Humor Man, and lots and […]

5 Steps to Becoming a Model Milspouse

Listen. Let’s have a bit of real talk right now. There’s so much weird pressure when it comes to different things in the military. The military’s always been a little behind the times, a little old fashioned. (I don’t think I need to explain that.) But there’s a lot of unsaid (and sometimes spoken) pressure […]

The Best Websites for Care Package Inspiration

8 awesome care package websites and resources for inspiration. Need to keep this for the next deployment!

I am being compensated for this post as part of the Operation In Touch Brand Ambassador Program via MSB New Media. All thoughts and opinions are my own. If you don’t know by now, I’m a care package fiend. I started making them for John while he was deployed… and this year I’ve made some to […]

On the Baltimore Riots

I taught in Baltimore for five years in what a lot of people would consider a pretty tough school. I broke up fights and got punched in the face once. I taught gang members. I crafted curricula and lesson plans on literally a $0 budget. And I loved my students. I bristled when people asked me […]

Not My Finest Hour: Why Empathy Matters Online

Online bullying and online empathy. It matters.

Fellow military spouse and blogger, Elizabeth, shares her story as part of our blog hop focusing on military spouse shaming, online bullying, and growing a more positive online military spouse and significant other community.  Have you ever “put someone in their place” or “told them off” thinking that it was tough love? Maybe you’ve done […]

Military Spouses in Crisis: 3 Things We Need to Talk About

Military spouses are known for being resilient. But do we have enough support in place for when they're not?

A few days ago, Christina Booth, a military spouse at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, was arrested after cutting her three children’s throats in an effort to make them quiet for her husband since he “got ‘very annoyed’” when the kids were loud. She and her husband had been drinking and reports are that she had very little […]

I Won’t Watch American Sniper: A Military Spouse’s Perspective

When I began teaching in Baltimore, a ton of people recommended that I watch The Wire. Everyone raved about it. If you’ve ever been a new teacher, you know that you listen to everyone’s advice… and also that you don’t have too much time to enact any of it. It took me a while (and a […]

Stop Asking When We’re Having Babies: A Plea from a Military Spouse

When I was single, no one ever asked me the two questions most women in their twenties get asked repeatedly: “When are you getting married?” “When are you having kids?” I flew below the radar of stunningly awkward questions. And it was awesome. And then I got married. And on our wedding day, at our reception, […]