Your Complete Guide to Cutting Care Package Costs

Save money, cut costs, and shrink your budget with these care package tips. #carepackage #carepackages #mailday #mailcall #happymail #sendmoremail

Deployments suck. And that’s the truth. But what also stinks is the costs associated with shipping care packages. The longer they’re on deployment, the more money and time you spend on care packages. But savvy military spouses know there are hacks and tricks to get those boxes shipped for free (or at least cheaper)! It […]

The Huge List of Freebies and Discounts for Things Military Kids Will Love

Save this post for all of the free and discounted military kid-related offers #military #militaryspouse #militarykid #milkid #milspouse #milso #milsos #milspo #milspos #milfam #militaryfamily #discounts #freebies #freeoffers #militarydiscount

Military kids deserve all. the. things. All of them. They handle so much, so young. Which is why this giant list of free (yes, free!) and discounted stuff for military kids is ideal! The Huge List of Freebies and Discounts for Things Military Kids Will Love! Show your military kiddo just how much they mean […]

19 (More!) Must-Follow Military Spouse Bloggers on Pinterest

A few weeks I shared 18 Pinterest accounts of wonderful military spouse bloggers. I promised you more! So I’m back with 19 more accounts that I think you’ll love. (This list isn’t in order– it’s just chock-full of amazing resources and personalities!) Enjoy! Visit Krystel Hudson-Spell’s profile on Pinterest. Visit Ramblings of a Marine Wife’s […]

My Dad, My Hero

I’m going to be completely cliche. But you know what? I don’t care, because it’s entirely true: my dad’s a superhero. He’s a gem– one-of-a-kind. Get comfy, because you’re going to meet my dad! When my sisters and I ask Dad to do something, I don’t think he’s ever said no. I don’t mean to […]

Take This Reader Survey, Maybe?

Hello, friends! It has been a year and a half since I started writing Jo, My Gosh! (I can hardly believe it!) I’m constantly trying to change and grow and so I’d love if you would take a minute and help me become better!  I want to hear from you! I want to know what […]

Summer of My Youth

Together with some awesome co-hosts, I’m bringing you the Summer of my Youth Link Up Party.   The idea is simple: relive your youth, blog about it, link it up!  Go somewhere or do something that reminds you of summertime when you were a kid – read a book (or series), visit a place that has […]

A Blog Hop and Special Announcement!

The next two weeks are going to be insanely busy for me, so I’ve brought in some help– my wonderful, wonderful blogging friends! Starting Sunday, you’ll be treated to my first-ever Made in America Week! Check back every day to see what star-spangled treats and crafts are being shared from some of the most wonderful […]

Monday Meet Up!

Hi everyone! I’m co-hosting a giveaway and the Monday Meet Up from Covered in Grace today. I’m heading back down to Baltimore from my Spring Break. Fresh posts will be up tomorrow. Until then, enter the giveaway!  Hey Everyone!! It’s time for another Monday Meet Up… and A GIVEAWAY!!! It’s hard to believe that the […]