71 Deployment Gift Ideas: What to Give and What to Avoid

When you’re far apart from your sweetie because of deployment, a care package is a great way to ship your love overseas! We compiled a list of 12 deployment gift ideas that spouses and family members can give to their loved one stationed overseas. We also list down things you should avoid giving as deployment […]

A Step By Step Guide To Creating The Perfect Chemo Care Package

Looking for a way to comfort a friend undergoing chemotherapy treatment?

Getting news about a friend or loved one’s cancer diagnosis can throw anyone for a loop. But what you’re doing now, right here by reading this, is important. You are showing up for your friend and getting the best tips to creating the perfect chemo care package. Keep reading for your step-by-step guide! You’re A […]

Here’s How to Fill Out a USPS Customs Form

Use this step-by-step guide to demystify filling out the USPS customs form #military #carepackage #happymail #sendmoremail #carepackages #milfam #advice #militaryfamily

by Meg Flanagan You’ve got your care package all wrapped up and it’s ready to send. Now, just to stroll into the post office and hand it over, right? Wrong! Before you send your carefully wrapped gifts on their way, you’ll need to complete a USPS customs form first. It’s definitely overwhelming to complete the […]

Your Complete Guide to Cutting Care Package Costs

Save money, cut costs, and shrink your budget with these care package tips. #carepackage #carepackages #mailday #mailcall #happymail #sendmoremail

Deployments suck. And that’s the truth. But what also stinks is the costs associated with shipping care packages. The longer they’re on deployment, the more money and time you spend on care packages. But savvy military spouses know there are hacks and tricks to get those boxes shipped for free (or at least cheaper)! It […]

How to Create a Passover Care Package

I am super excited to share this guest post from my sister, Becky! Today, she’s sharing some great ideas for how to celebrate Passover through a care package.  I love Passover seders. It’s a time of reflection, learning, culture, family and friends rooted deeply in ancient traditions. I’ve celebrated Passover just a handful of times, […]

How to Create a Purim Care Package

I am super excited to share this guest post from my sister, Becky! Today, she’s sharing some great ideas for how to celebrate Purim through a care package.  My husband calls Purim “Jewish Halloween.” We’ve– my Jewish husband and me, a Christian woman– been together for 8 years and celebrate most major Jewish holidays together. […]

35 Inventive Care Package Gifts Real Military Spouses Swear By

My partner-in-crime, Becky from Brave Crate, and I wrapped up PILLAR: The Digital Retreat for Deployment Countdowns. It was three jam-packed days of fabulous presentations from experts who have lived military life, giveaways, great content, and community. Now that it’s over, I’m processing everything that I learned at PILLAR. Very quickly, I realized that I […]

How Can I Send a Care Package to a Random Soldier?

You’re thinking about troops deployed or stationed far from home. You know that not everyone is lucky enough to have friends or family that they can count on for gifts and goodies. And you want to step into that void, providing a little comfort and love from the home front. Except…you can’t just ship off […]

How to Pack a Care Package So Nothing Breaks

You could say that I’m a little “experienced” in sending care packages across continents, oceans and literally around the world. Three years in Japan plus 10 years as a military spouse, including deployments, has taught me a few important lessons in packing and shipping. I’m proud to say that in a decade, with hundreds of […]

7 Care Packages to Send When COVID Keeps You Apart

Love these care packages to send to friends and family! #happymail #carepackage #mail #military #collegestudent #college #milspouse #militaryspouse #ldr #longdistance #longdistancerelationship

I’ve been stuck in this house with my family for what feels like eternity. It’s only been since March, but that’s like forever for my endlessly traveling family. By May, we were climbing the walls and itching to rejoin society or at least see friends and family. (Note: don’t do that because of germs– it’s […]