77 Inspirational Quotes to Cheer You Up When You’re Feeling Down

Feeling down? Use these inspiring quotes to lift you up.

Sometimes, you need a little support – a little inspiration, if you will – to keep you motivated and balanced. But it can also be really hard to find just the right inspirational quote to cheer you up when you’re down. We’ve pulled together a master list of our favorite quotes and sayings to help […]

Flying on a Budget: How to Find Military Discounts on Flights

Traveling is amazing, but that price is often more like “YEESH!” Active duty military and dependents can grab cheaper flights using these tips and ideas. Learn how you can score flight discounts and lower the cost of your next vacation. Consider Non Traditional Airports Everyone knows about flying out of Reagan National in DC or […]

These Airlines Offer Military Discounts on Flights and Baggage

It’s vacation time, baby, and you’re ready to hop on a jet to somewhere. But also, that’s expensive and you’d like to make it a little bit cheaper. You’d like, perhaps, some sweet military discounts on flights and baggage. Keep reading to learn all the details about scoring a deal on your next flight or […]

15 Care Packages Every New Mom Will Love

A new baby is exciting... and can be a little stressful too. Pamper the new mom in your life with these care package ideas.

Adding a new child to your family can be stressful and joyful, beautiful and frankly a little messy. But most of all, it’s a celebration! You’ll love gifting these care packages every new mom will love! Busy Mom’s Survival Kit It’s the happiest, and busiest, time in the new parents’ lives so far. They’ve got […]

10 Things You Should Know When Choosing a DoD School

For military families, choosing whether their children will attend a DoD school is a big decision. Here's absolutely what you need to know about your military child's education at a DoDEA school #military #pcs #oconus #militaryfamily #milfam #militarychild #militarybrat

by Meg Flanagan Hello and welcome to your crash course in everything DoDEA. That’s the Department of Defense Education Action or, in other simple terms, public K-12 schools located on military installations, serving military families and funded by (you guessed it) the Department of Defense (DoD). There are a few important things to know about […]

75 Inspirational Bible Verses for Military Families

Living the military life can be a stressful but meaningful journey. No matter what season of life you’re experiencing in the military community– basic training, deployment, PCSing, promotions, transitioning out, retiring, or something else, you might be feeling confused, joyful, tired, burnt-out, excited, or another feeling. But no matter where you are or what military […]

36 Powerful Bible Verses for Those Serving in the Military

Military service can be a stressful, yet important and meaningful, calling. From boot camp to deployment, PCSing to  promotions these verses can offer a sense of calm and purpose, even in the turbulence of military life. No matter the branch of service– Navy and Marines, Coast Guard, Army, Air Force, Space Force, National Guard, or […]

43 Bible Verses About Marriage and Love

These collected Bible verses are all about marriage and love. #marriage #quotes #bible #bibleverse #wedding #love #religious #christian #christianity

Military life can often create a lot of stress… and a lot of joy. And oftentimes, those who are in love with a member of the military navigate the relationship, engagement, and marriage alone. For some military spouses, leaning on religious practices like reading holy texts, praying, or attending worship services, can help to alleviate […]

60 Bible Verses About Protection From Danger

Military life brings many worries and concerns. During travel, deployment, and TDYs (trainings), military families often say goodbye to loved ones and worry about their safety for a long period of time. For some military spouses, leaning on religious practices like reading holy texts, praying, or attending worship services, can help to alleviate stress and […]

Your Complete Guide to Cutting Care Package Costs

Save money, cut costs, and shrink your budget with these care package tips. #carepackage #carepackages #mailday #mailcall #happymail #sendmoremail

Deployments suck. And that’s the truth. But what also stinks is the costs associated with shipping care packages. The longer they’re on deployment, the more money and time you spend on care packages. But savvy military spouses know there are hacks and tricks to get those boxes shipped for free (or at least cheaper)! It […]