Do Military Spouses Need Insurance?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of USAA Life Insurance Company and USAA Life Insurance Company of New York. All opinions are 100% mine. I used to be a teacher. When John and I were dating and engaged, I taught English to juniors and seniors in Baltimore City. I loved my […]

Military Wedding Traditions: What to Expect and What to Do

Whether you are the one saying “I do” or a guest, a military wedding is something incredibly special. There’s just something spectacular about the pomp, traditions and formality – not to mention the uniforms! But unless you’ve been specifically taught about the hows and whys of military wedding traditions, it can all be overwhelming. This […]

What Every Military Spouse Should Know About Divorce (Even If You’re Happily Married)

Please note: This article is not professional legal advice and is meant for entertainment purposes only. Consult a practicing lawyer in your area for information on your particular situation. When you get married, divorce is likely not on your radar. However, for some military couples, divorce eventually does become a reality. While the majority of […]

The Encouragement Every Military Spouse Needs

Lizann Lightfoot is the writer behind The Seasoned Spouse and is guest posting today! Many military spouses and significant others have written “Open When” letters for their service member before a deployment or a long-distance part of their relationship. An Open When letter is written for a specific moment or event, then sealed in an […]

43 Bible Verses About Marriage and Love

These collected Bible verses are all about marriage and love. #marriage #quotes #bible #bibleverse #wedding #love #religious #christian #christianity

Military life can often create a lot of stress… and a lot of joy. And oftentimes, those who are in love with a member of the military navigate the relationship, engagement, and marriage alone. For some military spouses, leaning on religious practices like reading holy texts, praying, or attending worship services, can help to alleviate […]

83 Questions to Ask Your Partner For Every Occasion and Stage of Life

Bookmarking this right now! #relationship #question #relationshipadvice #marriage #longdistance #ldr #longdistancerelationships #love #iloveyou

You ever just think “I wish there was a giant list of stuff to ask my partner”? Yeah, me, too. There are important questions, silly queries and just because prompts to get the two of you chatting about breakfast faves, financial plans and everything in between! For Serious (but New) Relationships This is the time […]

How to Argue Constructively When You’re Far Apart

Long distance relationships can be hard, especially when you fight. Here's how to do it the "right" way. #communication #longdistance #longdistancerelationship #ldr #relationship #deployment #military #jomygosh #milspouse #militaryspouse #milso

by Meg Flanagan For the first two or so years of my military marriage, my husband and I were not in the same state. For a significant portion, we weren’t even on the same continent. Thanks, deployment! However, we still needed to handle things on the homefront and in our relationship. But how do you […]

My 4 Secrets to My Strong Military Marriage (It’s Not What You Think!)

by Meg Flanagan When you think about a strong marriage, in or out of the military community, what does it look like? Take a moment and sit with that image. Mostly, when we talk about strength in terms of passion, commitment and trust. And while those are all awesome factors leading to a strong marriage, […]

11 Tips to Handle Surprise Deployment Extensions Like a Pro

Deployment is not great. But surprise extensions during deployments are the worst. Here's how to weather them like a total boss. #deployment #militaryspouse #deployments #jomygosh #militaryspouses #milspouse #milspouses #milso #milsos #advice #milspo #milspos #army #navy #airforce #marines #coastguard #arng #nationalguard #reserves #ng

Oh, man! That countdown was getting so, so, so close to zero. And then you’re hit with an unexpected deployment extension. Like you weren’t just barely hanging on to your sanity already. No, you’re getting the military spouse gauntlet: surviving an extra undetermined amount of time before homecoming is even tentatively scheduled. Cool. Everything’s fine.  […]

How to Make Video Chats (Actually!) Fun

This is an unsponsored guest post. Hi, my name is Alex and I am one of the founders of What is, you may ask? is an app that brings friends, family, and loved ones together, from as near as down the street or as far away as around the globe, to play […]