Guest Post: Felt Flowers and Yarn Wreath DIY

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Welcome to Loren! You’ll recognize her from the sidebar and sponsor spotlights! Loren is a fellow military spouse and blogger (but I’ll let her tell you all about that). Please welcome her, check out her blog, and send her a little love!

Hi Everyone! I’m Loren from My {Sub}Conscious Ramblings where I blog about my life as an Army wife, DIY projects, fitness, recipes I cook up, & any other randomness that comes my way!

I am so excited to share my latest Christmas DIY project with all of you!  Today, I am going to show you how to make the felt flowers for the yarn wreath pictured below. 

I absolutely LOVE these types of projects because you can add your own flair & change them around without the worry of “messing up.” Another plus, they are so cute, surprisingly easy, & inexpensive to make! 

Materials Needed
Foam wreath
Grey yarn {or color of your choice}
9″ x 12″ Red, White, & Green felt {1 piece each}
Hot glue gun {& glue}

First, wrap your yarn wreath or re-purpose one that you’ve already made. In this DIY, I reused my yarn wreath from previous projects, 1 Wreath, 3 Holidays & Halloween Yarn Wreath DIY; which you’ll want to check out if you’re not already familiar with the yarn wreath making process. Once the wreath is complete, set it aside.

For the Looped Felt Flower
Cut a strip of the green felt, from the longest side, about 3″ wide.

Fold the felt {hot dog style}, using the glue gun, glue edges together all the way across.

Grab your scissors & begin snipping “scissor width” strips, 1/8″-1/4″ wide, depends on how big you want your loops to be {Be careful not to cut all the way thru}. Snip down the entire length of the felt.

 It should look like this when you’re done.

Then, starting at one end, begin to roll the felt up like this.

Secure the flower “roll up” with hot glue.

*Tip: If you decide that you want a larger flower, make another one of the same size & wrap it around the one you just made. Secure with hot glue.

For the Straight “Mum” Flower

Exactly the same technique as the previous flower, except you don’t fold & glue the edges together to create the looped look. 

For this flower, I cut the felt strip about 1″ wide, using the glue stick as a guide. If you desire a wispier flower, cut the strip a little wider.

Practically the same thing as before, snipping all the way along evenly, only this time the strips should be at a slight angle… this will allow the flower “petals” to fan out.

& as with the previous flower, start rolling it up from one end & then secure with hot glue.

For the Two Color Straight “Mum” Flower

A combination of the previous processes, this time you glue along the edges to form a “fold” & the snip toward the glued edge as you did with the Looped Flower.

Once you have made the flowers, just position & glue {or pin} them onto your wreath!

Hope you have enjoyed this DIY! Come hangout with me over at My {Sub}Conscious Ramblings anytime!  Thanks you so much, Jo, for having me here today! It’s been fun! Hope to see y’all soon! Happy Holidays!!

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