About a year ago, my friends, JD from Semi-Delicate Balance, Lauren from The Military Wife and Mom, and I started out a pretty awesome project. 

Basically, we looked at the books for military spouses and significant others on the marked and realized something was missing. I mean, really missing. Where were the books for modern milspouses and milsos? Where were the books about us?

We started writing. And writing. And writing.... And finally we were done.

This book is one we wrote with you in mind: the modern military spouse. The spouse who doesn’t let the military stop her (or him). The one who has aspirations and dreams and interests that far outstrip where the military has plunked them down. The one who loves with all of his (or her) heart someone who is in the military.

This book is entirely focused on sharing everything you need to thrive as a military spouse or significant other. It includes 14 comprehensive chapters, giving you a step-by-step guide for succeeding in military life. From keeping your relationships with far-away friends and family to PCSing across the globe to getting an education to figuring out what being a military significant other means to your life, we have you covered.

We’ve Simplified Military Life For You.

No other guide for military spouses is this comprehensive or tells it exactly like it is by military spouses who have been there.

What Readers Are Saying:

“Finally! A military spouse handbook that I can recommend to new spouses! Most military spouse guidebooks make me roll my eyes. They are stuffed with outdated tea party etiquette and lack practical information that applies to my life. Not so with Modern Military Spouse. This book is the friend I wish I had when I was a young Navy wife. I wouldn’t have felt so alone, so unusual and so un-military if someone would have given me Modern Military Spouse along with my dependent ID. Modern Military Spouse is a mentor, a drinking buddy and a confidant for today’s military spouse.” -Michelle Volkmann, managing editor, NextGen MilSpouse

“This could not have come at a better time in my life!!! I’m so grateful you chose to share the words you did, I needed to hear them all!!!” -Chelsea M., MilSO

“It is so refreshing to have finally found a book that feels more like talking to a friend. The days of the out of date “issued” military spouse handbook are finally in our past! I love that the mixing of JD, Jo, and Lauren’s experiences gives this book a truly well rounded point of view. The “Modern Military Spouse” is the perfect guide to help navigate the adventures of being a military spouse. ” – Tara, blogger at An Aiming High Wife

What you’ll learn:

  • When You Don’t Have a Ring
  • What to Do When He’s (or She’s) Gone
  • Preparing for a Successful Military Marriage
  • Creating a Budget That Works
  • Hitting the Books Military-Style
  • Military Proofing Your Career
  • Building a Strong Support Network
  • Becoming a Good Military Spouse
  • Navigating Military Life with Kids
  • Step-by-Step to PCS
  • Moving and Living Overseas
  • Using Social Media Safely
  • Complete List of Resources for Spouses
  • Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Terms Defined

The Book Also Includes 3 Bonus Sections:

  • A complete list of military life resources, keeping things in one easy to use location.\
  • 20+ printables, documents, and checklists, including a week-by-week PCS checklist, a comprehensive deployment checklist, a getting married checklist, and a resume building checklist.
  • Military acronyms, abbreviations, and terms defined and available at your fingertips.

About The Authors

Lauren Tamm

A mom of two littles and military wife living overseas in Okinawa, Japan. She spends her days drinking infinite cups of coffee while chasing an energetic toddler around the house and soothing a baby.


The author of the blog Jo, My Gosh, freelance writer and teacher.


Is young, married, with a beautiful baby son. She is the author of the successful blog Semi-Delicate Balance.