January Sponsor Spotlight and Giveaway!

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It’s that time– spotlight and giveaway time! Get to know the fabulous ladies of the sidebar! (And a very warm congratulations to Natasha who just said yes to her boyfriend–no, fiance!)

Meet Natashsa from The Artisan Life
Writing crafting tutorials and creating new Etsy store items has always been both fun and challenging for me, but now I need to master a whole new set of interesting challenges – being a Navy finance and planning a wedding 6 time zones away from our families. I’m sure it will inspire new DIY projects and shop items and I’m eager to share new ideas in the coming months.

Meet Jessica Lynn from Jessica Lynn Writes

Hi, I’m Jess, and you can find me over at Jessica Lynn Writes. I’m a day away from turning 30 (yikes!), a new mom to an adorable, bright-eyed little girl, a globetrotter who collects funky mugs, Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses, and digs truck stops, and an Air Force wife living in Georgia. When I’m not posting pictures of my little one, you can find me sharing snapshots and tales about our European adventures, journey around America, good eats, military musings, and whatever else pops into my head. 
Meet Aleshea Dominique from Glitz & Grits

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Meet Cassie from True Agape
Cassie is a wife, runner and newlywed blogger. She believes in helping couples through the early stages of marriage by embracing their spouse’s quirks!  Check out Cassie’s The Secret to Making your Husband Feel Loved: 75 Ideas Using His Love Language. Over 350 people have downloaded this free 6 page resource. 

Meet Caitlin from The Pearl & The Pilot

Caitlin is an Air Force pilots wife and mama to Matthew, Moose, and Chewie.  She’s working hard to make her family and her home healthier and happier, by making everything greener and cleaner.  Caitlin enjoys cooking and photography, and hopes to become a professional photographer one day.

Meet Kara from Ramblings of a Marine Wife
Hi! I'm Kara! I'm a mom to 2, married to a Marine, lover of caffeine, coupons, and laughing. I don't like to label my blogging, but instead blog about whatever I want - our adventures, randomness, the kids, my wanna be DIY self (that usually fails) and sometimes, the military. 

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