Merry Kissmas Care Package

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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Hershey’s KISSES Deluxe. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

It goes without saying that Christmas is often the loneliest time for people away from loved ones– and for their loved ones. There’s just a whole lost of lonely. When John was deployed, I ended up making a ton of care packages in a very short span of time. I missed him. A lot. So I made care packages. (But you already knew that, right?)

This Christmas, John’s home… and he doesn’t have to work. (Holler!) It will be lovely to unplug and unwind from the grind for a few days. We’ll spend time enjoying each other’s company and doing holiday things. I also want to make sure that John knows how much he means to me and how fantastic of a partner he has been for the last 2 years (well, almost 5 if you count when we started dating!).

…So I made him a care package. Okay, obviously,  it’s one of the ways I know how to say I love you. (Is that a Love Language? If it’s not, it should be, right next to food and quietly suffering through his 2005 Madden video games.)

At the center of the care package are Hershey’s KISSES Deluxe. They’re much larger (twice the size!)than regular Kisses and they have a roasted hazelnut and crispies in the middle.  I mean, nothing says love like gigantic pieces of delicious chocolate in an unexpected care package.

Want to give someone a little boost this holiday season? Want to say more? Here’s how to create this package:

You’ll Need:

  • Hershey’s KISSES Deluxe
  • Other Hershey’s products (think Peanut Butter Blossoms, other varieties of Kisses, etc.)
  • Box
  • Glue or gluedots
  • white paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • scissors
  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • red and green markers


  1. Using the wrapping paper, cut four flaps to fit the flaps on the box. Glue onto corresponding flaps.
  2. Using the white paper, decorate two strips to say “Merry Kissmas.” If you have kids, this is a perfect place to incorporate their creativity!
  3. Cut Hershey’s KISSES out of the aluminum foil. Gently crumple to give it a little texture. Cut white flags out of the white paper. Glue onto the flaps.

Hershey’s is encouraging people to Say More to the people they love this holiday season. You could always make a care package or take your cue from this adorable family. And make sure you share how you’ve showed affection to a special loved one using #SayMore.

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