Black Friday 2016 Amazon Deals for Military Spouses

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I’m not going to lie. I like shopping. From my couch. In PJs. Preferably with chocolate chip cookies next to me. (Some people like wine. I’m a cookies girl.)

And I like the idea of Black Friday because what’s better than deals, holiday spirit, and shopping?

Oh yeah, I forgot. 80-year-old grandmas pushing you over to get to Tickle Me Elmo.

Every time I’ve gone shopping Black Friday, I’ve always come away a little, well, underwhelmed and frustrated. (Except for the year I shopped the Exchange. That was awesome!)

If you’re like me, maybe you’ll opt for the couch and your laptop this year too. If you do, here are some Amazon deals that are perfect for the military life:


Grab a Kindle tablet to keep in touch while you’re on the go– whether across the country or world. I’m not going to say you should give it to kids to placate them in the car (but that would make a long road trip or PCS a little quieter). Use the Kindle app to sync books on your phone and tablet so you’re never far away from much-needed inspiration, a mental escape, or a little military life help. And remember, Amazon ships APO/FPO/DPO, so you can brighten’s someone’s deployment from far away.

An Extra Set of Hands

I don’t know about you, but I could always use a little extra help. The Amazon Echo is a voice-activated “butler” that can make your life a little easier. Ask it to change the music or what your bank balance is, ask it to close garage doors, turn off the lights, or change the ceiling fan speed (yes, really), or get valuable information (like what the weather is or the traffic report) when you’re up to your elbows in soap suds, trying to get a jacket on a kid, or while you’re frantically cleaning up because the whole battalion is coming over on Friday night.

Restock the Pantry

Grocery shopping and Black Friday isn’t really a thing… but on Amazon it is (of course it is). Use Amazon’s Pantry service and get food you choose shipped directly to you and save 20% on select items the week of Black Friday. It’s perfect for a military life full of appointments and activities but short on time. (And yes, you can also order other grocery items, like personal care and cleaning supplies, too.)

Stay Connected

Let’s be real: devices are vital to military relationships… especially during deployment. Never miss a call, text, or email by keeping a power bank ready to go for when your phone’s battery gets low. Grab this iPhone-compatible power bank for $13.99 (usually $56).

Don’t Forget…

Amazon constantly releases new deals and discounts in real-time, so throughout this week, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, be prepared for an avalanche of low prices and items that you can use right away… or save for holiday presents.

And! If you’re a Prime member, on top of getting free 2-day shipping, you can also get 20% off diaper subscriptions, free music streaming (without ads), video streaming, unlimited reading, early access to Amazon lightening deals, and unlimited photo storage. You can try Prime for free for 30 days here.  You can also give someone a Prime membership for Christmas or a birthday (which might be perfect for someone far away, on extended TAD/TDY, or deployed.)


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