27 Goofy Gifts to Brighten Any Care Package

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As I hope you’ve noticed by now, I love care packages. And even though I don’t send John packages for deployments anymore, I still love sending care packages to my friends and family across the country. As great as it is to send practical items, sometimes you’ve gotta sneak in something goofy here and there.

Keeping this list later for deployment!

Look no further: this list will definitely give you some great ideas on how to send a box of silly to your deployed spouse or significant other!

Funny food

Everyone knows that food on deployment can be, well, less than exciting. So while these aren’t the most nutritious treats, they’ll definitely tickle the taste buds in ways MREs couldn’t if they tried!

  • Peanuts are a great source of protein. Pickles can be good sources of antioxidants. But dill pickle peanuts? Those are just a good source of goofy.
  • The Jelly Belly Beanboozled mix isn’t only a sweet treat, but a silly game of chance, too! Some of the Jelly Belly’s most beloved flavors and their most repulsive concoctions look identical–take a turn at the spinner and see if you get toasted coconut or spoiled milk! If you think your SO and company would enjoy a little risky “bean-havior,” give this gift a shot!
  • While they usually nail their flavors, these alcohol-free draft beer Jelly Belly beans have some really mixed reviews–and that’s half the fun! Sure, they may not be great, but the novelty of a beer bean is worth they laugh (or cringe) they’ll get.
  • Whether they love The Walking Dead or are on watch so long they feel like the walking dead, zombie jerky and vampire blood fruit punch will bring your deployed spouse or SO’s spirits back to life.
  • If your spouse is a techie with a sweet tooth, this chocolate iPhone is the perfect care package surprise. Bonus: Use a text message generator like this one to send along a few “texts” from you with the choco-phone.
  • More than a few deployed men and women have relied on hot sauce to get through military meals. When your partner has a love affair with hot sauce, including this “butt-kicking” hot sauce gift set will make their day. (Note: One flavor in this assortment is bacon, so contact the manufacturer for ingredient information or try a different collection if your spouse is stationed in a Muslim-majority country.)

Twisted toys

  • I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. But if that creepy horse head mask was a hit (you know the one), this strange horse finger puppet is sure to be… something.
  • And when the horse finger puppet isn’t enough, you can up the ante with a unicorn finger puppet.
  • Know what goes well with dill pickle peanuts? A yodeling pickle!

Keeping this list later for deployment!

Amusing articles

  • If your SO’s buddies are always trying to see what shows up in the awesome care packages you send, include these nose paper cups just for them. 
  • If your military member has a few others who work under him or her, these “Deal With This” sticky notes could be an amusing item to share. And goodness knows more than a few situations will make these “WTF” sticky notes a must-have. You can even fill them out with funny comments and send the pack along!
  • Accident prone SO? These silly Shakespearean insult bandages won’t only cover up scrapes and scratches, but they’ll add some ridiculous and goofy insults to your SO’s repertoire.
  • Use caution when sending this frosting flavored lip balm. If the recipient has a sweet tooth, they might be tempted to eat the stick all at once!
  • Classic. Justifying fake mustaches is like gilding a rose. Fake mustaches are never not funny.
  • If your spouse or SO needs a reminder to get work done, try this to do list mug! (The list isn’t so complicated the mug couldn’t be left behind or gifted to someone else when deployment ends.)

Tacky tattoos

Silly stinkers

  • Farts–whether you roll your eyes or roll on the floor when they happen, most people agree that farts are funny. It’s even funnier when somebody eats a Bag of Farts cotton candy! Bag of Farts come in a variety of flavors, including unicorn farts, cat farts, zombie farts, or dinosaur farts.
  • Think your SO will need need something to do while eating a that bag of dog farts? Send along a matching animal farts coloring book!
  • Does your spouse needs this? The question you should be asking is who doesn’t need a toilet golf game?

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