This Entrepreneur Has a Message for Military Spouses

Thanks to Liz from Sseko Designs for this guest post!

Hi! I’m Liz. I’m the co-founder of Sseko Designs.

Love this idea for entrepreneurship! #milspouse

When I was 22, I moved to Uganda to be a journalist and write about issues facing women living in extreme poverty. While there, I met an incredible group of young women who had tested into university  but couldn’t afford to go. Suddenly, my general (and at times overwhelming) interest in the massive social justice issue of extreme global poverty and gender inequality became an extremely focused mission to help a few of Uganda’s brightest young women go to college and become leaders in their communities.

I designed a pair of strappy sandals and hired three young women: Mary, Mercy and Rebecca. I taught them how to make the sandals and made them a promise:

“If you make these sandals for next 9 months, I promise you’ll go to university in the Fall.”

Love this idea for entrepreneurship! #milspouse

Luckily, they said YES. They started making sandals, and I moved back home to the U.S. and started selling sandals out of the back of my car.

It worked!

Today, Sseko is  the largest manufacturer of footwear in Uganda and we’ve enabled 100 women to continue on to college and pursue their dreams. All by making and selling beautiful sandals, leather handbags and jewelry. (Seriously, take a look! Our products are on point! From Vogue Magazine to Good Morning America, people love our style as much as our mission!)

Love this idea for entrepreneurship! #milspouse

We’ve spent the last several years dreaming about “hijacking” the traditional overseas manufacturing model (which typically treats workers as a disposable commodity) to create community and opportunity for women in East Africa.

And now, we want to do the same thing here in the U.S. We want to transform the traditional retail model to create community and financial opportunity for women right here at home. We want to redefine the old school direct sales model and use direct sales to “democratize” fashion and galvanize impact entrepreneurship through The Sseko Fellows Program.

What if, to become an impact entrepreneur, you didn’t have to have to invent a product or take out a second mortgage to fund your business?

What if you could start, grow and scale your own impact enterprise and do it alongside of a sisterhood of likeminded women who will support you along the way?

There is an African proverb that says: To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.

On our own, it is so daunting to think about making an impact in the lives of our sisters across the globe. But together, we can move mountains.

When a Fellow joins Sseko, she is paired with a Sole Sister in Uganda. All of that Fellow’s sales contribute directly towards a bonus scholarship for that woman that she can use towards university. All while the Fellow earns an income to fuel her own dreams.

Last year, the Sseko Fellows enabled us to TRIPLE the scholarship amount provided to our Sole Sisters. (This spring, I was able to take TEN Sseko Fellows on an all expenses paid trip to meet their Ugandan sisters!) Together, we’ve discovered a spark and we’re fanning the flame.

Love this idea for entrepreneurship! #milspouse

Our commitment to creating opportunity and community for women globally fuels everything that we do here at Sseko.

If you’re looking for your tribe–a global community of women who believe that by taking small steps of bravery we can be a part of making the world a little brighter– we want to invite you to join our sisterhood.

(And if you join our team during the month of July we’re gifting you with 15% off your starter kit — exclusive to members of the military spouse community!)

We can’t wait to take brave steps forward, together.

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