Here’s How to Access No-Cost Incontinence Products for Your Child

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This post is sponsored by Aerorflow. All opinions and work are my own. 

For families of children with special needs, time is always stretched. There are doctor’s appointments to get to, therapists to see, special foods to buy and make, extra time for routines. There are meetings upon meetings upon meetings. There’s the transportation to and from meetings and appointments and therapies.

And of course, there’s just regular, day-to-day stuff of living, too. (That stuff takes time, too!)

For many military families with children with special needs, time can be even more crunched with inflexible military schedules, deployments, and searching for new providers before and after PCSing. It’s exhausting to think about, and even more exhausting to do.

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Aeroflow aims to give parents a little bit of that time back by automating supply shipments and sending them directly to your door at no cost to you. (And when Aeroflow says it’s at no cost to you, they mean both the shipping and supplies. Yes. That’s right. The shipping and supplies.)

Here’s what Aeroflow can do

You might recognize Aeroflow’s name if you’re a mother or a mom-to-be. Aeroflow is a medical supplies organization and has a huge selection of breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies that many, many military families have relied on over the years. But that’s just one part of the services and products they offer families when it comes to medical needs.

Aeroflow offers a variety of incontinence products for children and adults as well. Incontinence beyond age-appropriate bedwetting and toileting issues is often a product of illness or injury, including cognitive, developmental, and physical disabilities. These products are vital because they’re basic to the needs of the individual. While coverage of supplies depends on insurance, Aeroflow has a range of diapers, briefs, pull-ups, gloves, emollients, underpads, liners, and wipes. You can learn more about each one of these products at Aeroflow. 

To start the process, you’ll complete a quick form which will include your basic contact information as well as your insurance information. From there, a specialist at Aeroflow will contact you and work with you to ensure that the products you choose are proper for your child and their needs, covered by your insurance, and use your benefits. After you choose the products that are needed for your child, Aeroflow will work with your insurer directly and then ship the products to your door.

That’s it. That’s how simple it is. (See? That’s time back into your schedule and items–a lot of items– knocked off your to-do list!)

And then?

Once the products hit your doorstep, Aeroflow’s specialists will still be with you every step of the way, checking in and making sure that what you have is still what your child needs as they grow. They’ll contact you once a month by phone, text, or email, depending on your choice of communication. If you need documentation throughout any part of the process, they can contact your doctor for more information, if you’d like, which takes one more thing off your plate. If you have questions, you’ve got a specialist to rely on. And as your child continues to grow and their needs change, you’ll also be able to work with your specialist to figure out what is needed now.

For military families

For military families that have both TRICARE and Medicaid, TRICARE will pick up the tab first. If there are medical care costs left after TRICARE has paid, Medicaid will pay for qualified items and care. Of course, in general, you’ll always want to check with your insurance plans before incurring any costs. Aeroflow understands and works both with TRICARE and Medicaid, so you can ask about how it all will play out by calling their 1-800 phone number or using their online help feature.

How to get started

If you’re ready to streamline purchasing products, it’s super easy to get started. Simply fill out Aeroflow’s intake form so a specialist can contact you shortly.

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