Watch These Brilliant Military Spouses in 2020

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I love looking forward into the new year and thinking about all of the exciting possibilities that are to come. For the past few years, I’ve loved shining a light on amazing military spouses and significant others who are coming up with neat ideas, writing cool stuff, and generally just being awesome.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list! I wouldn’t be able to write a complete list of all of the phenomenal things going on in the military community. The amount of talent and diversity in the military spouse and significant other community is absolutely astounding…. and honestly, pretty un-quantifiable.

Use this list like a springboard– a way to dive into a few fantastic things first–and then go from there. Explore and find more of your favorite bloggers, writers, entrepreneurs, and military spouses. There are so, so many.

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But let’s get into the women on this list, shall we? Prepare to be amazed by their brilliance and work ethic!

The Staff of Legacy

What can I say about Legacy other than it is absolutely gorgeous, heartwarming, and soul-fortifying? This military lifestyle magazine is a work of art, y’all. Filled with beautiful pictures, a luxurious layout, and stories that will challenge you, there’s just something about the vision of this publication that is amazing. Major kudos to Abi Ray, Leslie Brians, Katie Christy, and Kimberly Basco for creating and growing something that is completely different in the military community. Legacy is a treasure and a delight and did I mention that it is gorgeous, heartwarming, and soul-fortifying?

The Women of Nomades

Think Pandora charms… but for nearly every aspect of military life. That’s the Nomades Collection. Created by five military spouses, this jewelry company may be the biggest open secret in the military community. With a catalogue of hundreds of charms–including ones for almost every single installation–they’ve got serious street cred and the work to back it up. Even though their charms are absolutely lovely (and I own quite a few myself), what I love most about Nomades is the spirit of friendship and camaraderie. They want the military spouse community to succeed and they put their money where their mouth is through programs like the Red Bead Story.

Amanda Huffman

If you’re looking for a real-deal, gritty, in-depth understanding of what women service members and veterans experience, look no further than veteran and military spouse Amanda’s podcast “Women of the Military.” Her list of interviewees is impressive and expansive; she’s interviewed top brass, talked about her own experiences deploying, and focuses on topics you don’t often see from more traditional podcasts and media outlets. Her groundbreaking podcast has received quite a few accolades this year, including being featured on Women You Should Know.

Mrs. Navy Mama and Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life

Noralee and Julie are fantastic people and wonderful bloggers. This Navy and Army duo teamed up a little earlier this year to release a new book, The Newbie’s Guide to Military Life. Let’s be real: this title says it all. From PCSing to deployment to all of the things in between, they’ve experienced it and are writing about it to help the very newest among us navigate their military journey. And they’re doing it in an authentic way.

Becky Hoy

If you haven’t heard of Becky Hoy and Brave Crate, what, exactly, are you doing with your life? This year, Brave Crate–a subscription box curated specifically for military wives and girlfriends whose significant others are on deployment– has blown up in a big, big way. I had the pleasure (and honor!) of working with Becky to create a Jo, My Gosh!-themed box this November, and let me tell you, military spouse Becky is not only super fun and vivacious to work with, she is an organized taskmistress who dots every I and crosses every T. The community she’s built and the product she puts out is simply jaw-dropping.

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