8 of the Best Care Packages to Send to Friends

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You know who likes mail? Everyone. Check it, it’s true. But your friends especially would love a care package from you. Which is why you need to checkout this list of the best care packages to send to friends!

Care packages don't just have to be for college students and deployed military. Send these gift ideas to your far-away friends.

1. Long-distance coffee date

When you were living nearby each other, you’d meet up at a local coffee shop and chat for hours over ice lattes and flaky pastries. Now you have many miles between you and your friend, so coffee dates aren’t happening currently. Which means it’s time to get creative!

Luckily Swatara Coffee Co. has curated coffee (and tea) care packages that make long distance coffee video conferences even better! Also, you have to do approximately zero work involved on your end. Win-win!

2. Spa-in-a-box

This year, my bestie’s spouse was caught in the COVID-related deployment issues. This was immediately after the stomach bug had ripped through her house and while everyone was strictly quarantined. To say she was stressed would be a gross understatement. She needed a spa day, STAT.

Lush to the rescue! Their Relax Gift Set was just the ticket. The price tag under $40 was also pretty perfect.

Or if you want to DIY, I love to run to Target and scour their beauty aisles. My local Target even has a quick-pick section with luxe products in smaller sizes. A few face masks, a pretty polish and a new hand cream are perfect to stick into a spa-theme gift box!

3. Cocktail hour

Okay, so we can’t personally ship alcohol in the mail. But we can set up a long distance happy hour FaceTime with a cute care package!

For starters, pick up mini sizes of your favorite cocktail mixers. I love The Variety Show pack from Bittermilk, a boutique cocktail mixer company. You can make three different gin, vodka, or whiskey-based cocktails with the three mixes in this set. I might also throw in a small jar of fancy pickles or olives and some crackers.

To make this party complete, you could send over a fun (unbreakable) glass for them to use during your video chat. Mix, nibble, and reconnect!

4. Board game bonanza

Have a friend that you love to game with? This cute care package is awesome for friends who love the same games, but might not have the same games.

Pick a game that you have, but they don’t or a new game for both of you. But enough copies for you and your friend(s). Pop them into a box with popcorn and other fun game night snacks. Then schedule a virtual game night. Each of you set up your copy of the game and gather your snacks.

You can play all night or as long as it takes for someone to win at Monopoly!

5. Mystery kits for two

Do you love a good mystery? How about your bestie?

One great way to connect might be to subscribe to a cool mystery box, like Hunt a Killer or Finders Seekers. Get one copy for yourself and another for your friend.

When both of your boxes arrive, schedule a time to video chat while you work together to solve the case!

6. Girls night in

Nothing beats a cozy girls night in! Load up a box with face masks, cozy pj’s, yummy snacks and a gift card for UberEats or DoorDash. Then plan your night of relaxation via video chat.

Make it a movie night with Netflix Party, a Chrome extension that allows you to watch movies or shows with your friends together but apart. Pop some popcorn, open a beverage and slip into your new jammies for a girls night in without either of you actually leaving your own couches.

7. Weekend getaway (when you can’t get away)

Your annual girls’ trip to (insert a fun destination here) was canceled due to (insert life event or act of God here). Instead of melting down, make a plan to DIY a fun, relaxing experience without anyone actually buying a place ticket. You can try to recreate some of the elements of your trip destination with thoughtful touches.

For example:

  • a trip to New England: a small bottle of real maple syrup, pancake mix, something plaid and something with moose on it.
  • a trip to New Orleans: Cafe Orleans coffee, party beads, beignet mix and the ingredients to make a sazerac
  • a trip to SoCal: quick pice de gallo recipe, sunscreen, a surfboard keychain and a Disney-scented candle from Magic Candle Company

Before you know it, you’ll feel like you actually went on that vacation.

8. Care packages packed with local flavor

Even the closest of friends might not make it out to visit you everywhere you’re stationed. But you can help them experience the flavors of your current hometown with curated care packages bursting with unique goodies!

When we lived in Okinawa, I regularly sent my friends boxes of uniquely Okinawan and Japanese products. Some of the highlights were unique flavored snacks, cool beauty products and super cute office supplies. While the shrimp chips were not universally loved, everyone loved the foot peeling socks!

Now that we’re back on the East Coast, my friends are looking forward to unique finds from the Virginia region. Founding Fathers everything, peanuts in all the flavors and something monogrammed– because, the South.

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Meg Flanagan is a teacher, blogger and military spouse. She owns Meg Flanagan Education Solutions, an education advocacy service dedicated to serving families on the K-12 journey. You can find Meg on Facebook. Meg is also available as a freelance writer and personal education advocate!

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