100 Days Box


So, technically, today is Day 99 of John’s deployment. But, he got the box I sent him and opened it already, so I can post pictures of the 100 Days Box!

Originally, I was going to make the entire box 100 themed: 100 Grand Bars, 100 calorie snack packs… you get the idea.  However, because I’m dumb and didn’t write a shopping list when I went to Wally World, I ended up getting side tracked and buying a lot of other items (and honestly, there aren’t that many cute and useful 100 items to buy and I didn’t have the time or patience to count out sets of 100s of things to package on my own). The box quickly turned into a pun box.

A. Nifty got milk? straws that turn regular milk into chocolate when you use the straw. The card said, “I love you a chocolate!”
B. Lipton’s 100% Natural Passionfruit Mango Iced Tea. Card: “I’ve got passion (fruit) for you, man (go)!” I warned you, these puns are dorky.
C. To-go honey Teddy Grahams. Card: “I love you, honey!”
D. Extra gum. Card: I am Extra happy that 100 days are over!
E. Planter’s Nutrition Cinnamon Raisin Granola Swirl peanut butter (this stuff is brand new and was on crazy sale at Walmart. It looks delicious!) Card: “I’m nuts about you!” (Predictable, I know, I know.)
F. Powerade Zero, grape flavor. Card: “I am grape-ly excited to hug you again!”


I also sent this rad card. Maybe I overdid it on the girl quotient. And yes, I know I have arthritic-looking, spidery fingers.


Yes, tuna puns have a picture and section all of their own! John really likes these ready-to-eat tuna packets. They run  between $1- $2.50 depending on the brand, flavor, and store. Walmart sells generic ones for less than $1, as does Aldi’s, but they’re the unflavored packets.

Herb & Garlic: “I garlic you a lot!”  (That one’s a stretch…)
Sweet & Spicy: “I’m sweet on you, you spicy man, you!” (You were warned these were dorky! Don’t complain!)
Lemon Pepper: I wish I coulda Kist you in the last 100 days! (This one’s pretty clever if I do say so myself.)
Hickory Smoked: “You’re hickory smokedin’ hot!” (I cracked myself up with this last one.)

In this care package, I also included Crunchie’s freeze-dried strawberries, which I found at Walmart. I also sent a DVD of Braveheart because why not?

I also included a few magazines, but that’s a post for another time since it’s 1 AM here, and far too late for me to be writing a post.


photo credit: Patrick Hoesly via photopin cc

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