So. Much. Happiness!

Happy Election Day! In the past few days, I’ve heard so many disparaging remarks on TV, from Facebook, from friends and acquaintances about politics… but I love elections and politics. In fact, for quite a while in college, I thought I would get a political science minor with a major in history. That’s how much I love all of this stuff. I’ll spare you the flag-waving and the rah-rah-red-white-and-blue, but it is absolutely amazing to me how a nation of millions of people with divergent beliefs and backgrounds are able to consistently vote, peacefully, and watch power transfer between parties and people for scores of years. 
Last night, Rachel and I drove to PA to join in the festivities and cast our ballots at home, in our beautiful, wonderful state. Too much happened between then and now, so here’re the top three awesome things that happened in the past 24 hours:

1. Becky finally received a mini-care package from me! (Waiting for the post office to deliver is so tough sometimes!) I sent her a book of Lisa Frank stickers and wrapped it in the most Lisa Franky scrapbook paper paper I could find. I think sending her a throwback to the 90’s made me happier than her receiving it!

2. I voted! And here was what was awesome about that: I voted in the same township building where my parents used to take us and let us flip the levers when we were little. The poll volunteers were people from my church and my sixth grade teacher who told Rachel and I that she was proud of us for voting. (And who doesn’t want a compliment like that from their sixth-grade teacher?!)We stood behind a man with the most manicured, waxed and curled mustache– it was truly epic. After we voted, we went to McDonald’s to meet Grandpa for lunch… and Rachel wore her own mustache to surprise him.

2. I met with my pastor, a florist, baker, and picked up STDs! I talked to Pastor Rob and we started figuring out the logistics of the service. I had a chance to think about flowers and start planning the cake. And (probably what you’re wondering most about), the Save the Dates showed up in my mailbox today! All of the pieces are starting to slowly fall together and fit into place– and a good thing, too! We’ve got just over eight months to go!
Now, all I have to do is put on some pjs, do a little lesson planning, cross my fingers, and wait for the results from the polls to start rolling in. Oh yeah, and cross stitch. I might have to uncross my fingers for a bit…
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