DIY Wedding Ceremony Decorations

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Warning: This post is just a cheap excuse to post pictures of our wedding. 
John and I were married in my home church, which is already very ornate, so we didn’t have much to do to decorate for the ceremony. The biggest decoration project for the ceremony were pew bows. I just loved them. They were simple, elegant, and added a touch of color without being obnoxious. They took so little time to make, too. 
 You’ll Need:

  • 1 1/2 yards of netting per pew
  • 1 yard of ribbon per pew (we used 1 1/2 inch ribbon)
  • 1 bunch of Baby’s Breath per pew
  • twisties or clear tape
  • scissors


  1. Pull the netting around the top of the pew so that the ends are even with each other. Bunch the netting and pull it together in the middle of the pew. Use a twisty or clear tape instead of a knot to secure the netting to itself.
  2. Using the ribbon, tie a bow around the twisty or clear tape.
  3. To finish the ends of the ribbon: Fold the ends of the ribbon horizontally in half and cut 1/2 inch- 1 inch  diagonal line from the outer corner of the ribbon to the end of the folded edge.
  4. Slip the Baby’s Breath into the middle of the knot. 

And here are a bunch of pictures from the ceremony so you can see these nifty pew bows in action. The photos are taken by our photographer, Andy Colwell.

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