Wedding Ornament Trio DIY

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During wedding planning, I ordered a lot of extras when it came to the Save the Dates, invitations, and ceremony bulletins. (I’m pretty sure this is typical, but it makes me feel a bit neurotic to see how much we have left over!) I’ve kept a few for our scrapbook (which is slowly in the works) and posterity, but there’s not too much you can do with 25 extra of anything! 
In an effort to not just pitch them all into the garbage (it seems a little unceremonious to me), I bought some glass ornament balls from Michaels, pulled out my very (un)trusty straight-edge cutter, and immortalized our wedding ephemera.
It is quite possibly one of the easiest DIYs ever. I was done with all three in no more than 20 minutes. 
You’ll Need:
  • Scissors or a paper cutter
  • ephemera
  • fill-able glass balls
  • ribbon, pearls, or other wedding decor you have left 
1. Cut your paper into strips. I varied my sizes so that the wording from our bulletin and invitation could be read. 
2. Using the straight edge of a scissors, slightly curl the ends of the paper strips. 
3. Remove the metal cap and fill the glass ball with paper strips. (Make sure that the strips face out!) If you have ribbons, pearls, rhinestones, or other bits and pieces from the wedding, you can add them once all of the paper has been used.
4. Reattach the metal cap and hang! 

See? Super easy! And cute, too.
Here’s our invitation ornament! 

And our ornament using our ceremony program. For this ornament, I cut the strips around the wedding participants so that the names of the people we love are visible on the ornament.
I’ve got to confess, though. I think my favorite is our Save the Date ornament.

 I can’t wait to hang these on our tree every year!

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