No-Sew Ribbon Key Fob and Lanyard Set DIY

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Disclosure: I received product from Country Brook Designs for a review. I only review and endorse products that I enjoy and believe that my readers will, too. All opinions are my own.
More often than not, I’ve found myself wondering what to send to my sisters. While the three of us are spread over the world right now, we keep in touch with each other through letters, emails, texts, and, of course, the occasional care package. (Of course, care packages aren’t just for deployed service members!)
Besides the obvious candy and goodies that can be stuffed into a box, I also find myself wanting to create and send something handmade to my sisters for two reasons: 1) it’s fun to spend a bit of time creating something especially for them and, 2) it reminds them that I’m thinking of them, no matter where we are right now.
Very often, I send small cross stitched items. (Cross stitching is my creative outlet of choice. I love following the pattern because I’m not naturally artistic, and I can’t keep everything I make.) Other times, it might be  a handmade card or a trinket.
However, I think that this particular craft is not only fun and easy to make, it’s also lovely and useful for the recipient. Enter: no-sew ribbon key fobs and a matching lanyard set.
I made this for my middle sister affectionately called “Bee” who also collects and loves all things bees and honeycomb. I found this whimsical bee patterned ribbon as well as coordinating black webbing for the ribbon key fob through Country Brook Design.
Thanks to one of my sponsors, Country Brook Design, I am able to bring you this awesome DIY with their products! These are absolutely the cutest– and although it’s not time for stocking stuffers yet, pin this for later! These ribbon key fobs and lanyards are the perfect addition to a larger gift or on their own. And they’re certainly wonderful for a stocking stuffer or tucked inside a care package. (You know there’s always just a little more space that can be used!)
Here’s how to make a ribbon key fob and matching lanyard set.  

You’ll Need:

  • 5/8″ Busy Bee Ribbon (or your choice of grosgrain ribbon)
  • 1 ” black nylon webbing 
  • 1″ key chain fob wristlet hardware sets with key ring
  • jewelry pliers (no teeth
  • paintbrush
  • fabric adhesive (I used Aleene’s Fabric Fusion)
  • scissors


1. Measure and cut webbing and ribbon. (About 12 inches works for a wristlet and 3 feet for a lanyard. Measure on your body to make sure that, when doubled, you can wear it.) 
2. On the backside of the ribbon, paint glue. Spread the glue to the very edge of the ribbon. 
3. Press the ribbon to the webbing, making sure that you press down the edges of the ribbon. Let dry (about an hour). 
4. For a wristlet ribbon key fob, once the webbing and ribbon is dry, press the backsides of the webbing together to form a loop and insert the ends into the open end of the fob hardware. For a lanyard, form the loop by stacking the ends of the webbing on top of each other (so that one of the sides with ribbon is against the backside of the second end) and insert the ends into the open end of the fob hardware.
5. Using the pliers, clamp the end of the fob hardware firmly so that the ends cannot move.

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