The Gigantic List of Free Care Packages for Deployed Service Members

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I get a lot of email.

A. Lot.

And I love it! It’s fantastic to be able to be connected to military spouses, moms, dads, significant others (and the occasional grandma and grandpa) of service members. I field questions about relationships, help find resources, and answer questions about military care packages.

But sometimes, I’ll get an email from someone who has no affiliation with the military at all. They just want to know how they can help–what organizations can they volunteer with? How can they reach out to people they don’t know to say thank you or lend a helping hand?

How can they send care packages to people who are serving overseas?

What a kind and lovely thing to ask and want to do!

I’ve also received quite a few questions from cash-strapped military families who want to make sure their deployed loved one gets some extra care, but aren’t necessarily to shoulder the financial burden all themselves.

No matter why you’re interested, I created this list of organizations (both for-profit companies and non-profits) that send care packages to troops. Some of them you’ll be able to volunteer at; others you can’t. All of them take names and addresses to send service members packages abroad.


Please remember that I am not affiliated with any of these organizations and cannot troubleshoot or answer questions about them for you. For inquiries, please contact the organization directly. 

Support Our Troops

This nonprofit sends military care packages filled with donations from supporters to those who are in harm’s way. You can learn more about their program and submit the name of a loved one here. (Please note that their website asks you to use the “Contact Us” form to begin the submission process.)

Operation We Care

This care package nonprofit both seeks donations for care packages and ships them out. You can use this form to submit a name.

Operation Shoebox

This organization has been featured in the media quite a bit. You can submit a deployed service member’s information here.

Move America Forward

Move America Forward has sent more than 345 tons of care packages to deployed troops. If you have someone you’d like them to send a box to, nominate your loved one here.

Operation Courage is Beautiful

While there are thousands of women serving in the armed forces, often their needs and considerations are inadvertently left out in care packages and supply drops. Operation Courage is Beautiful seeks to send female-centric care packages to women who are serving overseas. You can request a care package for a deployed loved one here.

Packages From Home

Nominate a deployed service member through this form.

Operation Gratitude

Not only does Operation Gratitude provide care packages for deployed troops, they also have a variety of other care package programs for those who are veterans, first responders, and children of services members. Use this form to nominate a deployed service member.


Known virtually to every service member and military family, the USO provides tons of opportunities, creature comforts, and help for the military community. They also have a care package program. Go here to submit your loved one’s name.

American Recreational Military Services

ARMS is a nonprofit that provides services to the military community, including care packages to deployed troops. If your spouse or loved one is serving overseas, you can nominate them to receive a box.

SeaBear Wild Salmon

This seafood company loves shipping free cases of ready-to-eat fish to service members deployed abroad. You can read more about the program and how to submit a name and address here.

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