Orange Glad: A Subscription Box Review

Disclosure: I received product from Orange Glad for a review. I only review and endorse products that I enjoy and believe that my readers will, too. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.
I had the opportunity to review Orange Glad‘s Sweet Box, and it was sah-weet! First of all, let me say how luxurious it feels to receive a box of desserts that are all gourmet. That was pretty awesome– and it happened right before the gigantic Valentine’s Day snowstorm, so you know what I was munching on while I was snowed in!

 Here’s what was in the box:

  • A Valentine Sugar Cookie from A Couple of Squares
  • Almond & Dark Chocolate Wafers from Desserts on Us
  • Belgian Milk Chocolate Square on a Spoon from Chocomize
  • Chocolate Heart Lollipop from Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier
  • Coconut Macaroons from Renaissance Kosher Foods

John and I devoured the wafers first– they were excellent! Imagine two flat Skor bar wafers with almonds with dark chocolate in the middle. So good.  I sent the macaroons along with John’s lunch and kept the sugar cookie for myself! I was a little disappointed– despite being super cute, I was expecting a chewy cookie; it ended up being more like shortbread. The chocolate lollipop was delectable too!

My favorite item, however, was the chocolate cube on a wooden spoon.  (First of all, how cute is it!?) While it was tempting to eat the whole chocolate block on it’s own, I restrained myself and used it exactly what it was made for– to make hot cocoa. I nuked the spoon in milk for 60 seconds and then stirred until the entire cube melted.
It was the perfect treat for a cold, winter night– rich, creamy, and warm! I managed to snap a kind of awkward selfie. Here I am trying my first sip! Yummo!
Orange Glad ships monthly dessert boxes for $15 plus shipping and handling. (If you want to drool on your keyboard– or if you’re on a phone, on yourself– check out their past boxes!  From the looks of things, they have yet to have a weak box!)
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