5 Free & Fantastic Resources to Prettify Your Blog

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Almost half a year ago (wow!) I wrote a short post focusing on free programs to use for photo editing. Push came to shove and I put aside writing about blogging for a bit (after all, there are so many recipe and crafting posts to do!). But I’ve been steadily collecting resources and cool stuff related to blogging, and now I’m ready to share again!

Design resources for bloggers, free


Oh. My. Gosh. If you haven’t been on PicMonkey in a bit, GET THERE. They’ve just launched a new version which includes (get ready for it) the option to use ANY font you have loaded on your computer. Honestly, that was my biggest gripe when it came to PicMonkey– I got tired of the same fonts even. Now that they’ve added that function, I don’t have to jump between photo editors to get the look I want.  You don’t have to do anything to get the feature either– just switch the toggle to the “From My Computer” section when you add text. (Just a heads up: when I added more fonts to my computer, it took a few hours before they populated in PicMonkey.)

And that leads me to the next resource: DaFont. With literally thousands of free fonts to choose from, your possibilities to make your blog gorgeous are pretty much endless. I’m probably late to the party, but once I discovered it, I fell in love with typography all over again. (These are free for personal use. Some of the fonts ask you to pay a small fee– usually $5– to use them commercially.)

Font Squirrel

Another great site for finding free fonts to spice things up, Font Squirrel‘s download is quick (and not sketchy in the slightest). It also only has free commercial-use fonts.

Mi Dulce de Melocoton

There aren’t a lot of graphics on this blogger’s site, but the ones that she does have are adorably cute. (I’m a big fan of her free washi tape graphics!) Check them out and leave her a message!

Design resources for bloggers, free

We Lived Happily Ever After

A fellow military spouse runs this blog and offers a ton of design tutorials. Check her out– she has an eye for design and has a lot of fantastic advice! (Even though I think I’m pretty plugged into the military blogging community, I’m not sure how I missed this one!)

And there you go! What else would you add to this list? Where do you get your blog inspiration from?

10 Responses

  1. So happy when picmonkey added that text feature. When I rebranded, I purchased the font package for one my designer used in my graphics, and now I can use them in my post images without having to switch back & forth between editors! Has saved SO much time.

    1. Agree, agree, agree! It’s funny how something so small makes such a big difference (and saves so much time!).

  2. I love Hannah’s blog and the new version of PicMonkey. I’ll definitely have to check out some of these others too.

  3. Oh man, I lovvvvve Being obsessed with fonts is a real struggle! hahaha. Love these tips and websites!

    1. It really IS addicting! When I go on those font sites, I end up being there for an hour….

  4. I’m trying to start my own blog and your resources are great! One question about fonts, when it says “free personal use”, am I allowed to use them on my blog? Thanks!

  5. LOL! Your killing me! So many things I wish I would have known before grant. Most of which you pretty much took care of in your post! Mohetrhood is so wonderful but so consuming and your life is never the same- but in a good way! Have a $200 modern bird giveaway today on my blog! check it out and win a print of your family- you know the ones that took your skinny jeans from you! LOL!

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