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This is a compensated review for The Unclassifieds. I only review and publish on produce that I truly believe in and believe you will, too. All opinions (and goofy comments) are my own.

Military spouses have the uncanny habit of seeing holes in services– in the military and civilian world– and figuring out a way to plug them. (I think it’s a nifty attribute– and one that doesn’t seem to be part of the military spouse stereotype… and it should be!)

Lauren, a wife and mother, had spent a decade of PCSes uprooting her family and moving to other bases little first-hand knowledge of the area. And let’s be real: many of us– especially those of us who are new to the military– end up PCSing to places we’ve never been. Many of us lack the social and professional network to be able to know someone who knows someone who can tell us what the best place for coffee is or which hair dresser his great or even which schools to steer towards.

And so, The Unclassifieds was born. It’s a website that offers a space for military families to share information about bases (including OCONUS) and the areas around them.  Currently, most of the information being shared is about attractions, discounts for entertainment, and sight-seeing– great stuff to know, especially when you’re just arriving in your new town.

Right now, the website is just starting out, so you might not be able to find a wealth of information on your area… right now. (Give it a few months, and I guarantee there’ll be tons of stuff to sift through!)

However, it’s the perfect opportunity to hop over and offer your advice, tricks, and tips for bases you’ve lived at! After all, that’s what military spouses do– we share, we network, we connect each other. (Tweet this!) We know that this life is rewarding and can be challenging– and we know that we can make it less lonely by hanging together.

Bookmark it, pin it, share it– just use it. Spend a few minutes looking up your base today. Find something new to do and then share something, too, and help another family that may be feeling just a tad lost and a tad lonely.

What I Love

I can create a profile that is specific to the site or I can choose to use my Facebook profile. Believe it or not, I’m actually a pretty private person (you know, PERSEC and all of that), so I really like the idea of being more anonymous when sharing my thoughts about the areas we’ve lived before.

Each entry has social media buttons, so I can bookmark great ideas and helpful hints for later– or share them with friends who might need them.

There’s a rating system to vet and verify information so I know what’s accurate and what’s less-than. And I can help to vet information as well– so other military families are getting the best information possible.

It’s easy to navigate. Just click on your state (or country, if you’re looking up an OCONUS location) and select your base from a list that’s alphabetized. Easy– and unlike a lot of DOD websites, there are no little nooks and crannies for information to hide in. (I HATE when I can’t find things on websites!)

For those of you who are PCSing or have PCS’ed before– what information do you always want to know about your area? What do you always share with others?

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8 Responses

  1. I like that you can create a non-FB profile to use. I usually don’t use websites that require a FB (or similar) login! I’ll have to check it out and see if I can add anything about my area. =)

  2. Thank you for sharing this great site Jo! Can’t wait to put it to work in ~6 months when we find out the location of our next PCS! My first question is always where are the “good neighborhoods” that are within a 20 minute commute of base and possible jobs for me. Then I can at the very least look at rent prices to start figuring out our budget.

    1. Thanks Nichole! Good neighborhoods are sometimes so tough to figure out… it feels overwhelming!

  3. I tried clicking on the link but it looks like the website is no longer their. :(

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