How I Keep a Bit of Navy Pride in My Purse

I don’t really “do” military pride clothing or accessories.

I have one Navy t-shirt that I wear to work out in. I have nautical-themed stuff because I just like white and blue and anchors and seashells, not really because I’m showing my pride in the Navy.

It’s not that I think it’s bad or wrong or that I don’t have pride in what my husband does or what we’ve sacrificed. It’s a style choice– it’s just not really my thing.

I love supporting military spouse entrepreneurs!

Or that’s what I thought, until I was introduced to Military Apparel Company and the military spouse founder, designer, and handicrafter, Eve.

(By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just love seeing military spouses excelling in careers and supporting them. And I wanted you to know about Eve.)

First of all, as I was literally writing this post, I found out that Eve took her US Citizenship test today… and passed! The bravery, hard work, and skill it takes to leave your own country and follow someone in the military AND create a thriving business from nothing is remarkable. I am in awe.

Eve designs and makes handbags and accessories specifically tailored for the military community. She made me a cute NWU (Navy Working Uniform) makeup bag. I have to admit, I am in love with it. It is the perfect size to keep in my purse for my work supplies that I almost always need with me. (I can barely remember a time when I didn’t need chargers and USBs on me anymore!)  

Okay, okay, and it reminds me of how cute John looks in his NWUs. I hardly ever see him wear them anymore because he wears other uniforms at his command… sad face. 

I love supporting military spouse entrepreneurs!

I’m also a fan of fun inside lining fabric and the tiny American flag heart charm that dangles off the bag. It’s a cute twist that makes the bag feel upscale. 

Oh, and there’s the pocket on the front which is perfect for a little extra storage.

Oh yeah, and this is the first (and only!) thing I have that says, “Jo, My Gosh!” other than my business cards– so that’s really exciting!

She has a bunch of different uniform fabrics, in case you’re not lucky enough to have a sailor in NWUs (just kidding… mostly ;-) ) as well as a ton of different lining fabrics and embellishments. And she has many bag and accessory styles— from phone clutches to messenger bags to totes.

By the way brides-to-be, she also makes military-inspired garters... just in case you were looking for one.

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