How Military Couples Can Bring Back the Butterflies

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This post is sponsored by Prepare/Enrich. All opinions are my own.

When John and I were first dating, there was no shortage of butterflies in my stomach. Like most dating military couples, we didn’t see each other a ton, so when we did, the moments were special. The excitement was palpable. Everything was so new.

Then John was deployed for a year. The butterflies bumped into my stomach every time we video chatted, every time I opened the mailbox and saw a letter, every time my computer dinged and I received an instant message.

Right after John came home, we got married. On our honeymoon, we would look at each other and start giggling. One of us would inevitably say, “We don’t have to leave…” or “You’re not going away…” or “You’re home for good.” Maybe it’s goofy or really drippy, but it was the first time in our relationship where there was no end time– no one was leaving. We were together for the long haul.

And it was awesome.

Almost four years later, life has found a new rhythm. We’ve done a lot of growing and changing together. We’ve faced obstacles and situations together and have become better for it. And so much of that is because of my wonderful husband. I won’t go all googly eyed here. I will say, however, John is a fantastic, equal partner who always wants to talk things through, even when it gets hard.

One of the tools that we’ve used to help us grow as a couple has been Couple Checkup. You can read my full review when we used it for the first time last year here. Simply put, Couple Checkup is a tool that analyzes you and your partner’s answers to questions from a variety of relationship domains (conflict resolution, financial management, communication, leisure activities, sexual relationship, family and friends, spiritual beliefs). After you finish the questionnaire, you’ll receive a report and discussion guide. All of the materials are based on specific relationship and offers insight into your strengths and suggestions for your weaknesses. You’ll see detailed graphs and charts for easy comparison and understanding. (And it’s not boring, I promise.)

Now to what I loved the most about this tool: Prepare/Enrich created a part of the questionnaire with military couples in mind. If you self-identify as a military couple during the survey, you’ll be asked about military-specific issues like deployments and moving.

Prepare/Enrich is allowing me to giveaway a free Couple Checkup to one Jo, My Gosh! reader. The prize is a free Couple Checkup assessment which includes a downloadable report and discussion guide (value of $35). The winner will be emailed a promotion code. Enter below for your chance to win!
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  1. I connect with my partner through communication. We never keep anything from each other and we always express how we feel.

  2. This is great! I always love finding new ways to connect and grow with my husband

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