9 Things That Will Make PCSing a Lot Easier the Next Time Around

John and I have only ever done DITY PCSing (do-it-yourself moving) with the military. Maybe it’s because I’m type-A (it’s definitely because of this), or because we were able to save a little extra cash (also definitely because of this), or because we’re crazy (also definitely this one)… but it really doesn’t matter why you choose to move the way you do. In the long run, it only matters how you move.

9 things that will make pcsing a lot easier the next time around fb

So here are some suggestions for things that make the how a lot easier, no matter what kind of move you’re doing next!

Moving LabelsThese adhesive labels will help you stay super organized as you head from here to there.  The colorful labels allow you to clearly label the contents of each box by room so you don’t have to open all your boxes upon arrival. Bonus feature: in order for these labels to work, you have to be intentionally organized while packing!

Cushioned Packing MaterialsWhile some of your breakable items can be wrapped in sweatshirts and plastic bags for protection, very special items need a little more cushion. Bubble roll can be a great and easy option to make sure your fragile belongings make it to your destination safely.  (If bubble roll feels a little wasteful to you, consider using a recycled version!)

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: One common refrain during unpacking is, “Why did I move all this stuff? I don’t even use it!” Instead of dragging all your belongings to your next station and then purging during unpacking, try reading Marie Kondo’s book. She’ll teach you how to declutter your life, which will result in less for you to pack, move, and unpack. Plus, her book also teaches organization which means the next PCS will be even easier.

Portable Filing Box: One of the most stressful parts of moving is staying organized. Treat yo’self to a portable filing box for hand-carrying all the important documents you want to keep with you and have access to during the move. 

Wardrobe Boxes: These boxes will make transporting clothing infinitely easier than regular boxes or bags! Each heavy-duty box includes a sturdy metal bar on which to hang your clothes and easy-to-grab handles for movement.  Wardrobe boxes come in two sizes–a shorter box that’s great for dress shirts and a taller box for dresses and suits.

9 things that will make pcsing a lot easier the next time around fb

Hand Truck: No cost is too great to protect your back. Luckily, hand trucks keep anyone PCSing on their own from stressing and straining their spine. This is an investment that is useful after moving day, too, since renting them can add up across moves.

The Berenstain BearsThe adjustments of moving can be difficult for little ones.  The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day will help your kiddos see that moving doesn’t have to be scary… and it can even be a little fun!

We’ve Moved Postcards: Keep your friends and family in the loop and let them know your new address with these cute postcards. These are wonderfully cost effective, costing around $0.54 per stamped card. Plus, a handwritten note helps your loved ones know that even though you’ve moved, you’re thinking about them!

Bubbling Bath Salts Is this a little frivolous? You bet. But once the boxes are in your new place, the moving truck is gone, and you finished your post-move pizza dinner on paper plates because everything is still packed up, you deserve a little pampering. After all, you just rocked a PCS!

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