39 Ways to Keep Your On-Base House Organized and Feeling Spacious

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On-base housing is notorious for being… well, not exactly what you want.  If you’re feeling a little cramped and looking for ways to stay organized and save some space, look no further! Here are 39 items that will help to keep your organized while opening up every room in your house.

These ideas can work in any home. base housing, milspouse

Living room

  • If you need a little extra space by the front door, consider an entryway rack and bench to hang your jackets and store your shoes.
  • A key to saving space and staying organized is looking for items that can serve more than one purpose.  For example, a square storage ottoman or storage bench does double duty: you can put things in them and put yourself on top of them! By storing
  • This pull-out bookshelf gives you two shelves in the space of one.  With the roll-out shelving, your belongings get stashed away and out of sight.
  • If space is tight, this table-lamp combo will save you a little extra floor space. Saddle it up next to a sofa or armchair to assure you’ve always got light for reading your favorite book and a place to put it down when you’re done for the night.
  • No space for an end table? Say no more! This snack table wraps around the front of your sofa or loveseat to save a little space but still give you the convenience of a table.


  • Even in a giant bathroom, it never seems like there’s enough counter space or storage. Buy yourself a little extra space to organize with an over-the-toilet shelving rack. Or, for less exposed storage, use an over-the-toilet cabinet.  Because really, you’re not doing anything else with the space above your toilet.
  • Showers are another place where there’s never enough space, but organization is essential. If you’ve got two people sharing the bathroom, this over-the-showerhead caddy can help you keep all your shower goods accessible and organized.
  • More than two people using a shower? Add a little more storage for all your soaps and shampoos with a tension rod corner caddy. Lots of extra shelves means lots of extra space!
  • Cabinets below the sink never seem to utilize their space to the max.  Give your house more TP storage with under-sink sliding shelving. Sliding shelving means easy access, too.


  • Trundle beds aren’t just for Laura Ingalls anymore.  If you need an extra just-in-case bed or have two kiddos who need to share a room, consider a twin trundle bed.  One bed easily slides under the other to max out space. This option is much safer than bunk beds.
  • Closets. Never. Enough. Closet. Space. First, for all the little things that belong in the closet but don’t really hang up (think gloves, hats, etc.,) try hanging in-closet organizers. Multiple compartments let you keep everything organized and accessible.
  • Too many clothes? How about some space-saving hangers or a closet doubler? Both of these devices let you use up more of the traditionally unused space in your closet so more items fit.
  • Over-the-door shoe storage keeps shoes off a giant pile in the bottom of the closet and in an accessible hanging organizer on the back of the closet door instead. You’ll never have to crawl around with a flashlight to find a matching shoe in the back of the closet again.
  • This gorgeous standing mirror with interior jewelry cabinet might actually be too convenient. Jewelry and the place to see how it looks with an outfit, all wrapped up in one. Voila! Or if you’re not into a freestanding mirror, check out this over-the-door hanging mirror to save some floor space.
  • If you’ve got more to store but most of it doesn’t need to be readily available, consider an underbed storage box or a rolling underbed cart.  Your items are packed away and out of sight, but much closer than an attic or off-site storage unit.

These ideas can work in any home. base housing, milspouse


  • If you always have a few cans in the refrigerator, an in-fridge can stacker might help you save a little space. In the same vein, stacking your spices up with a three-tiered vertical spice rack will keep a drawer empty and make it easier to see all the spices you’ve got.
  • Organize the kitchen sink? You betcha! Keep your sponge and soaps in one place with a sink caddy. No more sponges laying in the bottom of the sink.
  • If you don’t have tons of kitchen counter space, an over-the-sink dish drainer will free up some room after washing dishes.  Or if you have the counter space for drying but lack the space for storing a dish drainer, check out this collapsible dish rack.  It takes up much less space than a conventional rack.
  • Shelf it and stack it seems to be the mantra of kitchen storage.  A three-tiered vertical kitchen wrap rack helps to keep your cling wrap and wax paper in order. Make use of the space above the microwave with an over-the-microwave rack.
  • Don’t scratch your pans by stacking them; instead get a five-tier pan organizer and keep them together but separated.
  • Make those cabinets do double duty with extra in-cabinet shelving. And while you’re workin’ those cabinets, add a dish towel holder to keep your dish towels off the counter (or the floor!)
  • The cabinet can even help to keep trash out of sight with this over-the-cabinet wastebasket.
  • If you’re so short on kitchen space that you need to downsize all your cooking tools, you’re in luck: this 8-in-1 kitchen tools set can help you out. With a juicer, can opener, measuring cup, grater, and more in one spot, you’ll free up your drawers.
  • This kitchen table and stools have a left that lets you go from nook to table in a matter of moments.
  • No matter how much space you’ve got, the pantry always seems to be the victim of disorganization.  An over-the-door pantry organizer gives you some extra space to keep your thingamajigs here and your whatchamacallits there. You can even snag a little more space with a four-bin pantry rack that stacks up, so you can store more while using less floor space.


  • A set of hanging clips can help you stay organized in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Hang what doesn’t hang with a standard hanger.
  • Gotta iron but don’t have space for an ironing board? This collapsible ironing nook will help you get the work done without taking up unnecessary space and even providing a little extra storage.
  • If your clothes are taking up space, SpaceSaver vacuum bags or SpaceMax vacuum bags can help you shrink them down to a much more manageable size while keeping your duds dust- and moisture-free.

Do you have any organizational items that you’d swear by? Share them in the comments!

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