18 Military Discounts in Salem, Massachusetts

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I had the pleasure of visiting Salem, Massachusetts this summer. While this is not a sponsored post, I did receive a few fun perks while we discovered everything Salem has to offer. 

Here in Pennsylvania, the last week of August suddenly turned a lot  cooler than normal, and it’s not hard to imagine that fall is soon on its way. I can’t help myself– whenever I think of the fall, I think of Halloween, leaves turning, and New England. I think of maple syrup and pilgrims and wood fires. I’ve correlated the two ever since I was a nerdy kid who loved to read history and fiction. And there’s just something about fall and New England that captivates my imagination.

Salem is notorious for the Salem Witch Trials (let’s just get that out of the way, shall we?)–and I’ll be the first to admit that, as a history buff, I was fascinated by it–but there’s so much more to this gorgeous small city on the outskirts of Boston.

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And boy, does Salem love military families! (And if you’re stationed up north, it’s a great place for a weekend get away!) Here’s what they offer:

1. Northey Street House

The Northey Street House is a beautiful bed and breakfast that has just the sense of history that you’d expect from an old town in New England. The building was built in 1809 and features unique rooms and specials and packages for those staying. They offer 5% off accommodations for military.

2. Salem Waterfront Hotel

Just steps away from dining and attractions, this hotel is in the thick of it. (In a good way!) John and I spent a night here and absolutely loved the luxurious room and the close location to everything we wanted to do. If you’ve got a military ID, they offer 10% off and have per diem rates if you’re traveling on official government business. There are some exclusions to this rate, so call ahead and make sure that you’ll be staying at a time they’ll honor the discount.

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3. Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery

If you’re coming to Salem and are fascinated by the ghoulish side of the town, this attraction offers $2 off with military ID. There are exhibits on horror films and sci-fi and if you’re there at the right time, there’s a seasonal haunted house, too.

4. History Alive and Cry Innocent

Grab a complimentary ticket  through Vet Tix and check out the only interactive theater production in Salem. You’ll have a chance to sit on the jury and judge whether or not Bridget Bishop should pay for her crimes against townspeople using her “magical” powers. The ticket also includes admission to a museum that takes you through Salem’s long and interesting history.

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5. The Phillips House & Gedney House

You know about Blue Star Museums, right? (If you don’t… read this!) This attraction offers completely free admission to active duty (including National Guard) military and their families from Memorial Day to Labor Day. These two houses are historic homes that have stood the test of time.

6. Peabody Essex Museum

There are a bunch of ways the beautiful and world-renown Peabody Essex Museum makes military families feel welcome and at home through their discounts. Active duty members with an ID (that includes Reserves and National Guard, too) receive year-round complimentary general admission. Military families receive complimentary tickets through Blue Star Museums, Memorial Day through Labor Day. And veterans receive $5 off general admission.

7. Schooner Fame

Take a cruise on an 1812 replica of a privateering schooner. Those with military IDs receive a discounted ticket at $25.

8. Crow Haven Corner

Whether it’s for fun or because you believe in psychic readings, Crow Haven Corner gives military $5 off.

9. Bewitched After Dark Walking Tours

Hear the creepy tales of Salem while you take in the beauty of this old city. Bewitched offers 10% off to military on their walking tours, so you can enjoy that walk just a little more.

10. Black Cat Tours

You’ll notice that Salem features a lot of walking tours… and for good reason! The town is perfect for pedestrians and there’s just so much to see, do, and learn. Buy your tickets online from Black Cat Tours and save 15% with the code “military.”

11. Hocus Pocus Tours

Grab a $3 discount with your military ID and then explore Salem with knowledgeable storytellers. Learn about Salem’s 300-year-old curse and some other fantastically frightful tales.

12. Salem Food Tours

Military members and spouses can score 10% off on a delicious walking tour of Salem. From coffee walks to vegan tours to tasting tours, there’s something delicious that you’ll love.

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13. Salem Historical Tours

Veterans and active military members can $3 off a Haunted Footsteps Tour which features spooky stories about spectres, murders, and passed-down lore. Receive $2 off their other tours: Salem 101 General History, Grave Matters Cemetery Tour, Midday Ghost Tour, and the 1692 Witchcraft Walk.

14. Salem Witch Walk

If you’re fascinated by the bloody and strange history of the Salem Witch Trials, this attraction will give you a lot to think about. And you’ll keep a little extra in your pocket, too. The Salem Witch Walk offers a $3 military discount.

15. Bit Bar

The Bit Bar is a restaurant, bar, and arcade and is the first one in the Boston area. They feature a beer garden, upscale American cuisine, and a lot of games. Grab a burger and fries–or whatever you want off the menu– since military members receive a discount of 10% off their food purchase.

16. Maria’s Sweet Somethings

From ice cream to gifts to candy, this shop, located in the historic heart of Salem offers 10% off to those with military IDs.

17. Victoria Station

Beautifully situated on the Salem Marina, this is the perfect place to grab seafood, dessert, or drinks during your stay in Salem. (And there’s outdoor seating, too!) Take your military ID and grab 10% off your purchase.

18. Colonial Hall at Rockafellas

Rockafellas is a fine dining restaurant that often features exciting events and concerts. Grab dinner there and receive a complimentary champagne toast if you’re a military member.

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