The Definitive Guide to Military Spouse Subscription Boxes

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There’s something really exciting and magical about opening your door and finding a box on your front porch addressed to you. When John was deployed, I found myself so excited for the mail. Even if there wasn’t a letter from him waiting for me, there was usually something else– a magazine, a postcard–something to break up the monotony that becomes deployment.

When John deployed, there were no subscription boxes for military spouses and significant others. But in the six years since, there’s been an explosion of entrepreneurs from the military community looking to fill an need. Currently, four companies create subscription boxes just for military spouses… and they’re all different. Take a look.

Did you know there are subscriptions boxes made for military spouses, by military spouses?

1. Brave Crate

What: Dreamed up by a military spouse, Brave Crate is a themed subscription box for women dealing with the deployment of their significant other. Thanks to Brave Crate, I’ve had the chance to review three of their boxes and check out everything inside. They are definitely a way to get out of the deployment funk.

Products: Past boxes have included full-sized products like boxes of tea, books, spices, candy, stationary, and bath items. July even included a solar device charger (which was pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten in a subscription box!). Each month also comes with a deployment challenge that matches the theme of the box and a calendar for the month to encourage you to make the most of deployment (and not just survive it). The subscription also comes with access to an online community of military spouses dealing with deployment .

Frequency: Monthly

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2. MilSOBox

What: MilSOBox is a themed subscription box for military spouses and significant others created by a female veteran. All of the products in the box are from military spouse- or veteran-owned businesses (and very often they are handmade), or are from businesses who produce their products in the USA. Thanks to the MilSOBox, I’ve received quite a few of these fun packages, and I’m not joking–every time they delight, are really exciting to open, and get even better the next time around.

Products: Past boxes have included full-sized and sample-sized products like jewelry, spices, bath products, stationary, decals and magnets, food and candy, candles, zipper bags, shirts, tote bags, and drinkware. Often these products are personalized for your shirt size or the branch of the military you’re affiliated with.

Frequency: Monthly

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3. Fronts Box

What: Fronts Box is a subscription box for military spouses and their deployed partners created by a military-connected couple. The spouse at home and serving spouse each get a box chock full of full-size goodies from small businesses meant to be helpful and promote self-care. Each box also comes with a focused idea and tool meant to give you both the opportunity to get closer even when you’re apart.

Products: Products are made in the USA and are meant to be useful, inspiring, and tailored to the homefront or frontline experience. Small batch chocolates, soaps, scrubs, jerkies, tote bags, hats, toiletries, candied nuts, and other useful (and really fun) surprises might show up in your Fronts Box. In addition, each Fronts Box comes with a tool–like a gratitude journal– to enhance your relationship with your partner, no matter the distance.

Frequency: Monthly or a la carte

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4. Troopster Care Packs

What: Troopster Care Packs, founded by an active duty sailor, was originally meant to make it easier for friends and families to send care packages to deployed loved ones. While they still do that, their company has exploded with exciting products and options, including a boyfriend and girlfriend care packages that can be sent either to or from deployment. (And you can always just sent it to yourself too!)

Troopster also has the option of adopting a service member and sending donated care packs to them.

Products: Products change based on which box you choose or which a la carte items you include… but here are a few examples: granola bars, single-serving snacks, magazines, socks, blankets, coffee, sunglasses, fidget spinners, bath and body products, and shirts and sweatshirts.

Frequency: On demand or through a recurring frequency of your choice (calculated in months)

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