55 “Open When” Letter Topics

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Last year, I published a list of more than 100 Open When Letters for deployment and separations. It was wildly popular. More than 39,000 pins and repins later, and more than 250,000 pageviews of just that particular post later, I’ve got another list of Open When letter topics post with more ideas for the next time you’re apart from someone you love.

More Open When letter ideas from Jo, My Gosh! Keeping these for later, to make deployment packages easier.

  1. …you wish you were watching your favorite sport. Include a small pennant.
  2. …you wish you were in a comic book. Draw a picture of your partner if s/he were a super hero.
  3. …you’ve got a sore muscle. Include an Icy/Hot patch.
  4. …you’re looking for a little extra shuteye. Include a pair of disposable ear plugs.
  5. …it’s a day ending in Y. (Just a good excuse to open a letter for no good reason!)
  6. …you only have one stop until you’re home.
  7. …you’re feeling a little frisky.
  8. …your breath stinks. Include a piece or two of gum.
  9. …you had an awkward moment.
  10. …you feel nostalgic.
  11. …you need a joke.
  12. …you feel like you made a bad decision.
  13. …you are are celebrating your half-birthday.
  14. …you are feeling hopeless.
  15. …you had a great day.
  16. …you need to take a deep breath. Include a guided meditation you like.
  17. …you need a hug.
  18. …you can’t stop thinking about an embarrassing moment. Tell your love about your most embarrassing moment.
  19. …you wish you could text me.
  20. …you wish we were on the same timezone.
  21. …you feel dirty. Include trial-sized soap.
  22. …you need a change. Include a lucky penny.
  23. …you wanna cuddle. Include this.
  24. …your patience is gone.
  25. …you’d rather be fishing (or any other hobby).
  26. …you need a new fortune. DIY fortune cookies made of paper with a specially-written fortune.
  27. …you’re feeling like a star. Include one or two glow-in-the-dark stars.
  28. …you need an attitude adjustment.
  29. …you need a pep talk.
  30. …you’re need a message from the universe. Include a (positive) horoscope.
  31. …you’re bored.
  32. …your shower was too short.
  33. …you wish you had on new socks.
  34. …your bed was too lumpy last night.
  35. …you’re pretty sure your day was the stuff of movies.
  36. …someone’s giving you a weird look.
  37. …it’s been the best day of deployment so far.
  38. …you miss your pet.
  39. …it’s one of those Mondays.
  40. …you need a break from work.
  41. …you’re feeling punny. Write your own goofy puns and stick them in an envelope.
  42. …you feel frustrated with work.
  43. …you feel frustrated with me.
  44. …you’ve got a song stuck in your head. Include lyrics to your favorite song.
  45. …you miss your mom. Have his/her mom write a note.
  46. …you miss your dad. Have his/her dad write a note.
  47. …you miss your best friend. Ditto.
  48. …you want a hand to hold. Cut out the shape of your hand and put it in the envelope.
  49. …you need a kiss. Send your lip print in bright red lipstick.
  50. …your stomach hurts. Include travel Tums.
  51. …you feel like you’re getting sick. Include EmergenC.
  52. …you haven’t flossed in awhile. Include flossers.
  53. …you smell something funky (that isn’t you.)
  54. …you have déjà vu.
  55. …you could really go for a donut.

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