22 Christmas Care Packages Ideas

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (Or, it soon will be!) When John was deployed, I went a little overboard with care packages. My guess is that you probably are feeling the urge to go a little overboard, too. Jump start your holly jolly care package crafting with these Christmas care packages ideas, tips, and resources:

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 Christmas Care Package Ideas

Peppermint Stick Package: Decorate a cardboard tube with red and white duct tape and fill the tube with candy, packaged cookies, or small gifts that fit the diameter of the tube. Surprise and delight your recipient! (I guarantee they will not expect seeing this show up at their door step!)

Countdown-to-Christmas Care Package: Advent calendars have become huge in mainstream American culture in the last few years. From wine Advent calendars to dog treat ones to beef jerky, there are so many that can be purchased. But you can also create your own! Buy 24 small gifts, wrap them, and number them. Make sure they can all fit in one box and that you include a note to explain the package at the top of the pile.

Christmas Eve Box: If you can’t be physically together on Christmas Eve, you can be close in spirit. This box contains pajamas, Christmas movies, and goodies, but you can include whatever traditions your family has for Christmas Eve.

Elf (the movie) Care Package: Love the movie Elf? This care package idea is perfect for a sugary trip down movie magic bliss!

Elf on the Shelf Care Package:

Oh yeah, we’re going there. Elf on the Shelf has become the low-key controversy of the holiday season every year. Love it? Send an Elf on the Shelf care package to your recipient and let them know that you miss them, but Santa’s watching.

Winter Care Package: If your family doesn’t celebrate Christmas or doesn’t go all-out, what about this blue, snow-themed winter care package? Cozy and snuggly, it’s perfect to send some warm vibes to someone you love this December.

12 Days of Christmas Care Package: Contrary to popular opinion, the 12 Days of Christmas begin on Christmas Day– they don’t lead up to the big day. Create an after-Christmas care package with 12 individually wrapped gifts, themed to the 12 days of Christmas.

Merry Christmas Box: Sometimes you want to get a little Christmas tacky.

Christmas Care Packages:The best part of Christmas? Spending it with the people you love. When they’re far away, you can do your best by sending pictures and mementoes of your times together until you can be reunited.

Snowman Care Package: Fluffy, white, and minty: this care package is perfect for Christmas or any time during the winter.

Advent Board: One of the more unique ideas I’ve ever seen for an Advent calendar, you can make the entire thing and ship it to your loved one.

All I Want for Christmas is You Care Package: If you don’t have the song stuck in your head now… you will after you create this care package.

Merry Christmas Box: I love the red and green accents used to create this simple but effective care package. The extra touches of family photos and wrapped gifts make it a lovely holiday in a box.

Merry Christmas, Baby Box: Using fluffy, white trim, this box is a delightfully playful take on Christmas care packages.

12 Days of Christmas Care Package to My Soldier:I love the coordinated number stickers used in this care package!

Christmas Tree in a Box: It’s exactly what it sounds like. And it’s a SUPER cute idea.

Mail a Christmas Tree: Here’s another idea for sending a Christmas tree halfway across the world.

Doctor Who Themed Christmas Box: If your recipient loves Doctor Who, this is a must-make this holiday season. Complete with police boxes and daleks, this is an adorably nerdy and spirited twist on Christmas care packages.

The Ho-Ho Holiday Care Package Guide:Tiny treats can add up to a big impression with this care package idea. If you’re crafty, this is a great care package project for you.

Christmas Snack Care Package: This care package idea is big on homemade snacks that are both holiday-themed and shippable.

Naked Cookie & Decorations Box: Send unfrosted cookies along with decorating supplies, canned frosting, and Christmas décor doodads to give your recipient a chance to create some holiday joy of their own.

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  1. Our homeschool co-op is participating in a program that sends trees overseas, we’re putting together care packages too so these resources will be great!

  2. I read your care package posts in private because I fear if my sailor sees your boxes, he’ll expect me to re-create the awesome-ness you come up with! ;) Awesome!

    1. Hahaha no way! Your boxes are awesome because they’re from you! (What would your husband want with a box from me?!?! ;-) )

    1. Glad they’re helpful, Amber! And it would figure, guys would like the gag gifts, right?! :-)

  3. I love these! I just wanted to let you know that I included the link to this post in my blog this week. I hope you don’t mind! (Please let me know if you want me to take the link out.) These are just such great ideas I had to share!

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