Mail a Gigantic Peppermint Stick

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I know that every other day, I post something that I proclaim as my favorite whatever in some category or another. I’m highly excitable, optimistic person and I’m prone to a little bit of hyperbole, although really, at the time, I do consider whatever it is to be my favorite. I have a lot of favorite things. But really, and truly, this may be my favorite package out of all of my favorite packages so far.My youngest sister is a college student . So, when I received a poster in the mail packed in a huge cardboard tube, I looked at it and could only think the thought of someone who has been mailing way too much stuff in the past six months: I must send something in this.
Use duct tape and a poster tube to send a gigantic peppermint stick in the mail
Almost immediately, I realized that a huge poster tube makes the perfect funny and embarrassing package. Getting a tube in the mail is a rare occurrence, but getting a decorated one? Very rare, indeed.I couldn’t get over the image of my sister going to the commons with package notification in hand, and being given a four-foot peppermint stick. And then having to walk back to her dorm with it. Funny, cute, unexpected. Goofy. Check, check, check, annnnnnnd check.If you want to send a giant peppermint stick:

You’ll Need:

  • a mailable poster tube
  • white duct tape
  • red duct tape
  • packing tape
  • 3-4 bags of candy


  1.   Wrap the tube in white duct tape. Create a finished look by tucking the ends of the tape inside the ends of the tube.
  2. Starting the red duct tape at an angle, tape a candy cane pattern onto the outside and tuck the ends of the tape inside the tube.
  3. Fill with candy.
  4. Secure the caps on the tube with packing tape.
  5. Mail and be prepared to be stared at in the line at the Post Office.

Last night my sister called to say that she had picked up her candy cane. It makes me happy knowing that, even though we’re apart, I can still treat and tease her like a big sister should.   My work here is done.

PS. Looking for something else fun to send in the mail? Here’s how to send a bottle as a care package!

23 Responses

  1. I love your attention to your sister! What a fun surprise for someone special. Visiting from the SITS Girls.

  2. I love this! What a great idea to send to someone you both care about but have fun teasing! I may have to try this someday…sooner rather than later :) Stopping by from SITS!

    1. Thanks, Danielle! Definitely try it out– it’s such a surprise for the other person in the mail. If you do, send me a picture! I’d love to put it on the blog!

  3. This is A-Mazing! I wish I still had time to get one to Afghanistan before Christmas… I’m trying to think of something I could do that’s similar for a January care package…. hmmmm…..

    1. Thanks! Hmmm… I’m thinking now, too. You could send it this July (hopefully your loved one is not still there by then) for Christmas in July. You could always affix a huge cardboard star to the top and make it into a fairy godmother’s wand for a Make-a-Wish theme. :-) That would definitely be unexpected! I’m going to keep thinking. There have got to be other ways to decorate those cardboard tubes!

  4. this is too funny! I’ve seen those mailing tube things before and this makes them so much better! wish I would have seen this before Christmas!

  5. So cute! I sent my brother a package for his birthday. But I made the box out of a Kotex panty liner box. Thankfully he thought it was funny!

  6. Do you know if i can send this overseas? I usually send boxes so im not sure if this type of packaging is allowed.

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