60 Holiday-Inspired Deployment Bucket List Goals

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The holidays can be tough for anyone, but deployment can make it a hotbed of emotions and frustrations. If you need some help getting out of your own head, consider making your own holiday bucket list… or adding to your already awesome deployment bucket list!

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These are just suggestions and do not encompass every holiday or tradition. Pick, choose, and change what you need to. Use these for inspiration for other bucket list goals that are unique to you. If you have ideas– let me know in the comments. Or better yet, take a picture doing one of these holiday bucket list ideas and tag me on Instagram. I can’t wait to see what you do!

  1. Make a handmade Christmas/Hanukkah present for each of your family members.
  2. Go Christmas caroling.
  3. Attend a holiday concert.
  4. Volunteer at a Thanksgiving or holiday dinner.
  5. Donate to Toys for Tots.
  6. Read a Christmas book to your kids every night of Advent.
  7. Treat yourself to an Advent calendar. (Here’s a LEGO one! And here’s a hot sauce one, too!)
  8. Host a Friendsgiving.
  9. Make a family holiday recipe that you’ve never tried before.
  10. Create a new holiday tradition with your kids.
  11. Drive through your town, hot chocolate in hand and looking at Christmas lights.
  12. Decorate your house.
  13. Make and send holiday cards.
  14. Read a Hanukkah book with your kids.
  15. Attend a tree-lighting ceremony.
  16. Make a snowman with your kids.
  17. Take cookies to the fire station.
  18. Light a holiday-scented candle.
  19. Read the Hanukkah story with your kids.
  20. Put up and decorate the Christmas tree.
  21. Volunteer with an organization that is doing a holiday appeal.
  22. Donate a coat, hat, and scarf to a clothing bank.
  23. Make latkes.
  24. Watch your favorite Christmas movie.
  25. Watch a Christmas movie you’ve never seen before.
  26. Organize a Secret Santa game with friends or coworkers.
  27. Make a gingerbread house.
  28. Participate in #GivingTuesday.
  29. Go ice-skating.
  30. Take a walk outside.
  31. Donate to the food bank.
  32. Play the dreidel game with family.
  33. Make your own eggnog.
  34. Send a holiday care package to your loved one.
  35. Purge your closet and donate.
  36. Make a pie.
  37. Make or purchase an ornament to symbolize this year.
  38. Go on a seasonal holiday run, like a Turkey Trot.
  39. Eat a candy cane.
  40. Throw a kitchen dance party to Christmas music.
  41. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater.
  42. Spend a day in PJs.
  43. Enjoy a cozy fire.
  44. Sing Hanukkah songs.
  45. Host an ornament exchange party.
  46. Make a New Year’s care package.
  47. Host a cookie exchange party.
  48. Make a holiday playlist.
  49. Hang a wreath on your door.
  50. Learn something new about a holiday you don’t celebrate.
  51. Make a menorah with your children.
  52. Go Black Friday shopping.
  53. Drink mulled cider or wine.
  54. Surprise someone with an unexpected gift.
  55. Get your picture taken with Santa.
  56. Write down your New Year’s resolution.
  57. Purchase gifts from local or military-connected businesses.
  58. Attend a religious service.
  59. Wear a Santa or elf hat… in public.
  60. Make plans (and then go!) for New Year’s Eve.

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