10 Ways to Be Patriotic in the Time of COVID-19

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My friends, America needs you.

America needs us.

And Americans always answer the call of our country. Throughout history, Americans have responded when times have gotten tough. When they’ve been scary. When they’ve been uncertain. As a people, we’ve made sacrifices. We’ve banded together and fought injustices.  We’ve innovated and created. We’ve used our ingenuity and our hard work. We’ve worked as a team and done amazing things.

Think of all of the things Americans have produced and accomplished. The literature. The scientific feats. The music. The infrastructure. The architectural wonders. The broken records. The realized dreams.

Americans are really great at pulling together and being creative problem-solvers, especially when our country asks us to do the impossible.

My friends, America needs us. #usa #patriotic #coronavirus #covid19 #pandemic #quarantine

And now, America needs us again. Here’s how you can answer our nation’s call today:

1. Stay home

America needs us to stay home. Our fellow citizens–our friends, our neighbors, our family members–need us to stop our regularly scheduled activities and stay home. America needs us to practice social distancing. America needs us to wash our hands and not touch our faces. It sounds simple, but some of y’all aren’t doing it. And America really, really needs you to.

2. Stay home

I know you really want to go out and drink green beer tomorrow. But here’s a better option: stay home and drink. There’s no line for the bathroom in your house, the beer is cheaper, and you’re not unwittingly passing a deadly virus to someone who might take it home to their grandmother.

3. Stay home

You’ve got your kids home and you already want an outlet. Don’t have a sleepover to distract the kids. Don’t take them to the movies. Don’t let them go to sports practices. Keep them home. Be THAT parent. Maybe the kids are freaking out. Okay. Let them. They’ll settle down. Boredom is good for kids. I think we’ve forgotten that over the years. But boredom is actually good for them. Don’t believe me? Read this article.

4. Stay home

Maybe you don’t want to look silly. But America needs you to look silly. Your fellow countrymen (and women) need you to be okay with looking like you’re overreacting. The best-case scenario is that we all will look silly and feel like we overreacted in a few months. And won’t that be an amazing feeling? It’s patriotic to be silly, after all, if it means that you stay at home.

5. Stay home

The most vulnerable among us will be hurt the greatest– both financially and bodily. If you can donate money to your local food bank, do it. If you are able to call the elderly you know to keep them in good spirits, go for it. If you are a small business owner or a manager who is able to think creatively and minimize person-to-person contact for your workers or keep them home, get cracking. America needs you to.

6. Stay home

Yeah, maybe you, personally, won’t be impacted by COVID-19. But you might inadvertently spread the disease to someone who will be impacted. You might accidentally pass the virus to someone who is a cancer patient and is in a high-risk category. And you might make it harder for other people to get medical care when they need it.

My friends, America needs us. #usa #patriotic #coronavirus #covid19 #pandemic #quarantine

7. Stay home

When you stay home and limit your contact with people as much as possible, you’re helping to slow the virus so that our hospitals and medical workers can deal. So there are enough beds for sick people. So there are enough respirators for bad cases. So that doctors and nurses aren’t dying of exhaustion or exposure. So that people don’t have to decide who lives and who dies.  (I’m not being ridiculous. This is literally happening right now in Italy.)

8. Stay home

Watch that Netflix series you’ve been putting off for a long time. Read that dusty book you’ve been meaning to pick up. Spend time with your kids or your pets. Practice yoga in your basement.

9. Stay home

If it gives you a sense of purpose, put on some red, white, and blue as you cook dinner instead of going out to eat. Chant “USA! USA!” as you Facetime with friends instead of meeting them for drinks. Play some patriotic tunes while you tell your darling children that no, you aren’t taking them to McDonald’s for lunch.

10. Stay home

It sucks to have to cancel plans like birthdays and family gatherings. It sucks that school cancelations for kids and college students have happened. It sucks that some things are being put on hold. It is painful for small business owners and hourly wage workers. I get it. We’ve had things– major life things and small business things–put on hold because of this stupid pandemic.

You can be angry. You can be upset. You can be annoyed. You can tell everyone that this really sucks. But do you know what sucks more? What happens if you don’t stay home. And America really, really needs you to. How will you answer her call?

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