36 Powerful Bible Verses for Those Serving in the Military

Military service can be a stressful, yet important and meaningful, calling. From boot camp to deployment, PCSing to  promotions these verses can offer a sense of calm and purpose, even in the turbulence of military life. No matter the branch of service– Navy and Marines, Coast Guard, Army, Air Force, Space Force, National Guard, or […]

43 Bible Verses About Marriage and Love

These collected Bible verses are all about marriage and love. #marriage #quotes #bible #bibleverse #wedding #love #religious #christian #christianity

Military life can often create a lot of stress… and a lot of joy. And oftentimes, those who are in love with a member of the military navigate the relationship, engagement, and marriage alone. For some military spouses, leaning on religious practices like reading holy texts, praying, or attending worship services, can help to alleviate […]