Here’s Why My Family Prioritizes Life Insurance

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This post is sponsored by USAA Life Insurance Company and USAA Life Insurance Company of New York. All work and opinions are my own. 

Life can be surprising. 

And, sometimes, military life can be absolutely shocking.

From unexpected orders to PCS problems, from making life-long friends at the most desolate base to a surprise geo-baching assignment, you just can’t quite expect what’s going to happen next. For better or worse, military life can plunk you down in situations you never dreamed you would be in—situations that even the best planner wouldn’t see coming.

And yet… planning is one of the military spouse super powers that help ease the bumpy parts of military life. You learn how to roll with the punches and how to anticipate different scenarios that Uncle Sam throws at you. And you learn how to deal with really (really, really, really) hard stuff.

That’s why military families need to think about life insurance. Not only is it something you can control in an often unpredictable life, getting squared away with it can help you feel more at ease with the future.

Life insurance can be a tough conversation. Here's why my family makes life insurance a priority for our financial future.

Life insurance is a vitally important part of my family’s financial foundation. If you’ve ever heard me talk about it during one of our PILLAR Blog Chats, you know that hasn’t always been the case. Now, I’m so glad that we have life insurance products that are perfect for our family’s circumstances and goals. Here’s how life insurance helps us plan for whatever comes our way:

1. Creating a financially stable life

John and I look at our life insurance policies as pieces in our overall financial stability. In the case of one of our deaths, we want to make sure that whoever is the survivor is able to maintain the life that we’ve worked so hard to build for ourselves. Life goes on, even after a family death. Our planning ensures that the surviving spouse won’t have to immediately worry about finances.

2. Paying off debts

One of the primary reasons that life insurance is so important to us is the promise of safe-guarding our home. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that we purchased the home my grandparents built in the early 1950s and we renovated it. It’s our forever home and it’s an important part of our family history and memories. While we hope to have our mortgage and renovation loan paid as quickly as possible, if anything happens to either one or both of us in the meantime, we won’t have to worry about our home. 

3. Having peace of mind

An intangible benefit of having your life insurance squared away is feeling more prepared. For the first few years of our married life, all we had was John’s SGLI from the military. I wasn’t making a steady income at the time and (wrongly!) thought that I didn’t need life insurance. I hadn’t expected feeling a sense of relief once we figured out our life insurance plan, but I did. There is something comforting in knowing that no matter what happens, we’ve done what we can to ensure financial stability for each other.

4. Supplementing our retirement plans

Some life insurance policies offer a cash value component that can be tapped into during retirement. (One of ours does!) We are using one of our products as a financial planning tool for our retirement. It’s another piece of our diversified retirement puzzle and it gives us another layer of comfort, knowing that we’ve got just another way we’re saving for our later years.

It’s your move

If you don’t have your financial ducks in a row (or if you haven’t done an insurance tune-up in a long time), get started right now. Contact USAA Life Insurance Company for a personalized assessment of you and your family’s needs. You can also call 800-531-LIFE for a conversation with a USAA life insurance specialist who can answer your questions in real-time.

And one more thing…

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