Mini Halloween College Care Package

Send trick or treats with a mini Halloween care package!

 It’s Halloween! (Well, close enough!) The hurricane, at least in our neighborhood, was kind. We had our power through the entire storm. The worst was our very porous, very not-waterproofed exposed brick wall springing leaks all over the place. Six soaking towels and about 15 Tupperware containers and bowls later, the walls are finally drying out. Compared to the vast devastation and suffering throughout the Northeast, we have absolutely nothing to complain about. Not even a little bit.

It looks like school will be in session tomorrow, so I’m dashing this off before I turn to grading and lesson planning– my two least favorite job-related activities. 
In the spirit of Halloween (and my last Halloween craft and care package  post of the season), here’s the package I sent Becky!
I included a deck of Pixar Uno cards, Halloween socks, Razzles, a Cadbury Screme Egg, and decorated candy bars (a bat, mummy, and Frankenstein).

My favorite thing about this box was gluing the rubber bat’s string behind the scrapbook paper, to the top of the inside of the box. That way, when Becky opened the box, a bat “flew” out.

Send trick or treats with a mini Halloween care package!

Happy Halloween, everyone! May the Great Pumpkin visit you tomorrow, and if you’re cleaning up the storm, may it be easy and fast!

PS. If you’re in the Halloween spirit, check out Everything You Need for a Spooktacular Halloween Care Package.

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