10 Halloween Care Packages

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(Cue The Nightmare Before Halloween music!) This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Okay, so it’s not quite Halloween… but the holiday is already on my mind. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out, it’s cooling down, and for anyone making care packages, it’s time to get ready for the next holiday!

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My youngest sister is serving a year abroad in a country that doesn’t really celebrate Halloween. I’m already gathering things to send to her so she can share a little piece of the insanity that is the sugar-coma-inducing holiday that we know and love with her host family and co-workers. While I’ve been gathering candy and supplies, I’ve also been gathering ideas to share with you. Check them out and leave links to your favorite resources in the comments!

Care package ideas for Halloween-themed boxes

1. This Care Package Has Eyes

Create a The Eyes Have It! care package. Use googly, stick-on eyes and black construction paper to create  cute (and a little creepy) box with googly, stick-on eyes.

2. Send a box of goodies

Create a Give Me Something Good To Eat! care package– Fill this box with Halloween-themed, creepy, goofy, or orange and black colored snacks, candy, and other foods.

3. Send a zombie outbreak box

Create a Zombie Outbreak care package. Is your recipient ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? Cover your box in white paper and using red paint, paint smeary handprints on the flaps of the box. (Here’s an easy way to wrap the inside of your care package with wrapping paper.)

4. Make another zombie care package

Create a Zombie Bait care package.  Go zombie hunting with this cute (and not too scary) zombie bait theme. Check out dollar stores and the dollar sections of places like Target and Michaels for decorations like green, black, and purple stickers and streamers. Zombie warning signs and other bloody-themed decorations can help you whip this care package together in a flash.

5. Send a reminder of you

Create a Miss You, Boo! care package. Send a little love this Halloween with a cute pun. Decorate with ghosts or otherwise Halloween themed scrapbook paper to complete the look. Don’t forget– if you use 12-inch by 12-inch scrapbook paper, it fits perfectly in a large USPS Priority Box. No cutting required. Just grab some double-sided tape or glue and make this one in a jiffy!

6. Create a monochromatic box

Create an Orange Care Package. If you’re not really into the spooky, scary parts of Halloween, you can always create a nod to the holiday without going over the top. Decorate the box with orange paper (or, if you want to keep your kids busy, have them color the inside and outside of the box with an orange marker). Fill the box with orange-colored snacks, gifts, and items to complete the look. (You can do this with any color and for any holiday… just pick coordinating colors!)

7. Send this adorably batty box

Create a Batty Without You care package.   Bats can be spooky, but they can also be really cute. This bat-themed box and pun are adorable and easy to create, no matter how artistic you think you are.

8. Make a handy care package

Create a Give ‘Em a Hand care package.  Make this chilling and thrilling care package using cotton batting to fill the box. Then nestle a fake hand (you can get this at a dollar store or a costume store in the fall). For an extra touch, use a permanent red marker to add the effect of blood around the wrist.

9. Send a cinematic box

Create a The Nightmare Before Halloween care package.  A perennial movie favorite of Halloween lovers, send a The Nightmare Before Halloween themed care package decorated with quotes or images from the movie.

10. This care package makes a lot of spidey sense

Create a Spiders, Bats, and Ghosts– Oh My! care package.This theme can come together quickly and with little crafting needed. Grab fake spiders from a dollar store and scatter them in the box. Add fake spider webs (also from the dollar store) and themed scrapbook paper.

Halloween-themed recipes and gifts

If you’re looking for specific items to fill your ghoulishly delightful and tasty care package, look no further. These links come with recipes, printables, templates, and other help to make sure you can replicate these ideas.

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10 Responses

  1. So creative! I would’ve never thought of all of this. I love all of your care package ideas! Your sister will really enjoy this I’m sure :)

  2. Do you know if all the posted recipes will be okay shipped? Do you have a preferred method on how to ship them safely without them going bad? TYIA!

    1. Hi Stephanie– I haven’t not personally shipped all of those recipes out, however, the ones that I chose should have a very good chance at making it there. The biggest problem you’ll face is cookies going stale or breaking– they shouldn’t go bad or mold.

  3. Love these ideas! And, it’s not super important, but the movie is “Nightmare Before Christmas”, not Halloween. Still obviously a Halloween movie, also!

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