A Surprise a Day: Send an Entire Week of Gifts

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Originally, I saw this idea on Pinterest (isn’t that where everyone sees all of their new ideas?) and, after picking up a pack of 5×7 envelopes at Michael’s on crazy sale, I made a Surprise a Day mini care package for John. A few days ago, John told me it finally got to him, so I can post this without ruining anything!
You need:
  • 7 envelopes
  • glue
  • 7 different items that fit into envelopes
  • stickers/markers
  • Spread glue on the inside flap of one of your envelopes and glue it to the bottom of the front of another envelope. Repeat process until you have 7 envelopes  
  • Decorate the envelopes.
  • Stuff each envelope with fun stuff!


 Here’s what I put in John’s… 
  • Monday- a wallet-size photo of the two of us
  • Tuesday- a print out of a world map with a dotted line connecting Maryland and Afghanistan (Dorky, I know. That’s just how I roll.)
  • Wednesday-  a photobooth sticker from a date we went on a year ago
  • Thursday- I redeemed a coupon that John gave me before he left. Well, I didn’t actually redeem it yet. It’s a request for redemption. If I remember correctly, it’s for dinner at the first place we went on a date.
  • Friday- a postcard
  • Saturday-I printed out Scrabble pieces, cut them out, and sent John a goofy, secret message.


PS. You might be interested in this mail art.

2 Responses

  1. Love this idea! I can’t wait to start posting some of my care packages. You have helped me out a LOT with ideas!

  2. I’m so happy that you’ve found this site useful! :-) I’d love to see your care packages, too! Please post them on my facebook page– I’d love to feature them on the blog! :-)

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