Scrabble Coasters (A DIY That Really Works!)

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This winter, I’ve been intrigued with upcycled Scrabble crafts. For Christmas, I made a tree ornament (see it here) for a blogging friend and I tried out the much-pinned Scrabble coasters as a stocking stuffer for John. I love the way they turned out– and the way that they look on our coffee table!

You’ll Need:

  • 1 or 2 old games of Scrabble
  • a bonding glue like E6000 or Super Glue
  • crafting corkboard
  • ModgePodge
  • a hot glue gun
  • Exacto knife


1. Plan the layout of your coasters. This can take a little bit of finagling depending on how many tiles you have. I themed each coaster– Penn State, marching band, the Navy, our wedding.
2. Using a thin layer of glue on the edge of the tiles, glue each row together. Let each row dry individually. Be careful to make sure that each tile lays flat after it is glued.
3.  Once each row is dry, glue the rows together to form the coaster. If you create a 4×4 coaster, because of the size of the tiles, it will not be a perfect square (it will be slightly rectangular). Make sure that each row lays flat when you glue it. Let the coaster dry and cure for 24 hours.
4. Using a hot glue gun, glue the back of the coaster to the corkboard. Press down onto coaster so that the glue spreads out and dries evenly.
5. Using an Exacto knife, cut the coaster out of the corkboard.
6. Paint the coaster with ModgePodge and let dry. Coat again and let dry.

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