Make a Postcard Pillowcase

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I absolutely loved this idea from Tracy, a fellow military spouse and soon-to-be fellow blogger. Her husband is currently deployed and early on in the deployment, she created a postcard pillow (with a special note) to send to him.

Tracy bought a travel-sized pillow (about $5) from Target that fit well inside a large USPS flat-rate box. Because she found a pillow that fit so well, she decided to make a pillowcase from scratch. Tracy used this YouTube tutorial to learn how to sew her pillowcase.However, if you already have a pillowcase that you’re happy with, you can do that as well.

Creating the Pillowcase

You’ll need:

  • pillowcase
  • printer-friendly fabric transfer paper
  • iron
  • fabric marker


  1. Create a word processing or Publisher document. Copy and paste images onto the document. Possible search terms: “airmail stripes,” “stamps,” “first class mail.”
  2. Download a First Class Mail font from Da Font to create other phrases that look stamped by the Post Office.
  3. Following the fabric transfer paper’s directions, print the document once you have collected the images you’d like to use.
  4. Heat your iron and iron your pillowcase so there are no creases or wrinkles.
  5. Cut your pieces as close to the image as possible and lay it out on your flattened pillow case. (The pillowcase should NOT be on your pillow yet.)
  6. To get a “stamped on” look, iron on the stamps first and then iron on the cancellation stamp over top of it. You can use this technique to create other layers if you’d like.
  7. Once your pillowcase has set, grab your fabric marker and write a sweet note!

Tracy left the other side of the pillow blank so that her husband could flip it over and no one would be the wiser. She also recommends making sure that you read all of the directions for washing and setting the transfer pieces on fabric– every brand has slightly different directions.

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