20 Can’t Miss Photos You Need to Take of Military Life

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Military life is different for every single military family. Some begin theirs together; others meet along the way. Some start in ROTC, others end in retirement. Some include multiple deployments, others experience multiple PCSes. Regardless of what your military life is like, there are some moments that you just have to capture.

I found this out when John was promoted and we realized after the ceremony… that we didn’t have a single picture. Not one of me pinning his new rank. Not one of him shaking hands with his commander. Not even a cheesy selfie afterward.

Not a single one.

I’m sure there will be other promotions, but that was the first one of our marriage, the first one that we got to both celebrate together.

Love this list of photos you can't miss when you're a milspouse.

I mean, I’m not crying buckets of tears over it. But still– it’s something that I wish we had for our scrapbook.

And that got me thinking… what other photos should we be snapping along our military journey?

ROTC commissioning

photo credit: AKP-COMMISSIONING30-05102009-Beda via photopin (license)

Boot camp graduation

photo credit: DSCI0625 via photopin (license)

Waiting in anticipation for homecoming

photo credit: owhmd_5.6.13_flight3_175 via photopin (license)

Homecoming kiss

photo credit: Homecoming at Fort Hood via photopin (license)

Goofy just-because photo in uniform

Love this list of photos you can't miss when you're a milspouse.

Formal uniform picture

Wedding (if you have a military one)

photo credit: via photopin (license)

Military ball (formal)

photo credit: TMR_5270 via photopin (license)

Military ball (goofy faces!)

Promotion ceremony
photo credit: 150515-Z-CD688-108 via photopin (license)

Do it yourself PCS road trip

Command picnic
photo credit: Picnic-2005-343 via photopin (license)

Command Christmas party (pre-bar opening)
photo credit: 20091215-HHC Holiday Party-Weeden (60) via photopin (license)

Command Christmas party (post-bar opening)

Baby with military stuff (you know exactly the kind of photos I’m talking about!)

photo credit: daddys uniform via photopin (license)

Kids and uniformed parent doing something absolutely adorable and unconventional (like swinging on swings or playing Pretty, Pretty Princess)

The Times Square Kiss pose that every couple tries at least once (Guilty as charged!)

photo credit: Marine recreates iconic kiss – Fleet Week New York 2012 via photopin (license)

Reenlistment ceremony

The last-time-in-uniform

Retirement ceremony

photo credit: 110909-N-DI719-175 via photopin (license)

Perfect list to keep-- photos of military life.

How many of these do you have? What are your must-have photos from military life? Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. PCS boxes photo, we have lots with the kids. Also a photo of all our belongings from the first move.

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