8 Military Engagement Stories

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Recently, I asked the Jo, My Gosh! Facebook community for their military engagement stories. Because, honestly, who doesn’t love a sweet, or funny, or goofy, or romantic engagement story? From grand romantic gestures to sweet, quiet moments to cute misunderstandings, these stories have it all. Sit back and enjoy these wonderful expressions of love!

Romantic, funny, and sweet engagement stories of military couples. <3 <3 <3 (2)

Falling head over heels

“We were High School sweat hearts and were engaged my second year of college. My husband took me to Niagra Falls, Canada, one of my favorite places 1.5 hours away from college. Over looking the falls he got down on one knee and proposed. It was perfect and amazing!!- Elizabeth

A teenage engagement

“When we were 18 my boyfriend came home from Basic Training and we spent Christmas together. Then right before he left again for his trade training for 3 months, he took me out to the Calgary Tower Revolving Restaurant and then parked in this empty lot on the way home. We were all dressed up fancy and he turned the music on loud on the radio and danced with me in the parking lot. Then he got on one knee and proposed. We didn’t have a ring, we couldn’t afford anything like that. But we were both so nervous to tell anyone because of our age, he went to ask my dad the next day before he left but my dad had a friend over and he was too nervous! So he left and I couldn’t tell a soul for 3 months until he came back and finally asked my dad. Not only were my parents okay with it, they gave him my grandmother’s engagement ring to give me. We got married the next year, and we’ve been married for over 14 years now.” –Kim

Two engagement stories

“I kind of have two stories. The first is when we decided to get married and the second is when I received my ring (a year after getting married). We didn’t do a typical engagement, just like we didn’t do a typical wedding. I didn’t get an engagement ring or a romantic proposal or any of that. We were long distance and had been together for about 2 weeks (yes, 2 weeks) and had been in the same room together for about 4-5 days within those 2 weeks. We were up late talking one night and he said he wished we could have been married already so that we could better afford to have me move down sooner. We already knew we wanted to marry each other someday anyways so I asked him how he felt about eloping. About 2 months later, I was back in NC and were getting married in the Jacksonville courthouse. Since we then started receiving BAH, we were able to set that money aside and I officially made the move down that December.

Romantic, funny, and sweet engagement stories of military couples. <3 <3 <3 (1)
On Christmas Eve (about 14 months after getting married), I was cooking dinner and getting the kitchen cleaned up when Zack came in, acting very suspicious. He had this weird smile on his face and he just stood there, watching me clean dishes. After about 5 minutes, I finally asked him what he was up to. He told me he couldn’t wait to give me my Christmas gift so I finished what I was doing, dried my hands and gave him my full attention so he could give me my gift. He’s not the get down on one knee type of guy and he’s also not the type to do a whole intro on how much he loves me and how much he wants to spend the rest of his life with. So he placed a small box in my hand and apologized for it being so late. I opened my box, there was my custom made ring, and I started crying. He was rather pleased with himself over his ring selection. He couldn’t help but to point out the side diamonds and tell me about how he chose the center diamond and put into the setting. It’s beautiful and our ‘engagement’ stories are perfect.” –Keating

When a PCS gets in the way

“How about that time when the wedding date was set and flights were booked, but the detailer said he was going to PCS us to different parts of the country because we weren’t married. So we went and got married on the weekend and updated our files.” -Jenny

The naked truth

“My husband called me to bring his cell phone to our bedroom. I couldn’t get the door open (his laundry bag had fallen behind the door), and all I saw was that it was dark and candles were lit, so the first thing that came to my head was that he was hiding behind the door naked. He had to open the door for me because I said I wasn’t pushing the door open because he was naked. Once the door opens, all I see is him in his dress uniform dropping to one knee to ask me to spend the rest of our lives together.”-Kristina

Getting permission

“Nick tells me, “Hey, when we go to NY, let’s get your birth certificate so we can get married before I deploy.” Told him I’d only do it if he asked my dad for permission.So we get to NY. He left me to ask my dad. Comes back into the kitchen and says “done. Your turn (to get the certificate).” And that’s how it all started.”- Tracy

A detour and a ring

“I was tagging along on Rob’s PCS from NY to AZ (we decided to make it a 2 week vacation!). Along the way, we stopped by my grandparents (in MS) and my parents (in TX), where he divulged the big plan to propose in the Grand Canyon at the end of our trip. Well, he ended up getting food poisoning in NM, so we had to stay a little longer for him to recoup, had to nix the Grand Canyon and go straight to post. He ended up proposing in our hotel room the morning of my flight back to NY. I was okay with that because I was able to cry like a baby with nobody around.” -Rachel

Study buddies

“I was in my senior year of college preparing to write my capstone research paper when my then boyfriend called and asked to come over and study with me (weird). As I sat on the floor of my dorm room in my PJs surrounded by index cards, copies of articles, and highlighters engrossed in work, M sat behind me on our futon (typical) pretending to study (unbeknownst to me). I didn’t notice that he sat down an open ring box on my right as I was highlighting on my left. As I scanned over my research looking for something (I can’t remember what) my eyes caught the open ring box but didn’t process it. As I turned back to my research, my eyes and brain finally synched. I instantly turned back and accusingly shouted, “WHAT IS THIS RING DOING HERE?!” Needless to say, I didn’t finish writing my paper that night.” – Adrianna

And if you’re looking for my engagement story, look no further.

Romantic, funny, and sweet engagement stories of military couples. <3 <3 <3 (3)

How did your engagement happen? Share your story in the comments!


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  1. My family knew the engagement was coming before I did. We were living in two different states (me in SC and him in CA) and he was out to sea for the umpteenth time when he planned the engagement. He worked with my mom to find out my ring size. He got permission from my dad over the phone. And he worked with his family to find a ring and figure out the marriage.

    I was going to be moving to California at the end of his deployment and he invited me to come out for the Tiger Cruise at the end (where families get to ride on board for a little while). He proposed on the flight deck of his boat at sunset. It was actually quite romantic – which was unexpected. We were married about a month later after moving me across the country.

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