43 Microwavable Foods You Can Send in Care Packages

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One of the tough things about sending food in care packages is making sure it’s actually edible by the time the recipient gets it. When John was deployed, we were lucky– sometimes his care packages would reach him in less than a week. I know that’s really atypical– many people have to wait weeks and weeks for mail to get to them.

<3 this list of microwavable foods that can be sent in care packages and easily prepared-- just hot water or a microwave needed. deployment, missionary, college

I often see comments and emails from readers who aren’t sure what you can and can’t send in a care package. There are always variables, so what works for someone may not work for your situation. However, make sure you stick to these guidelines:

  • Don’t send fresh food. Instead, send dehydrated, freeze-dried, or canned versions.
  • Don’t send foods that your recipient can’t prepare. Make sure that, if you’re sending microwaveable foods, they have a microwave available to them.
  • If you want to send foods that take a little prep, try to stick to microwavable ones or ones that need just hot water to cook.
  • Watch the temperature. Avoid sending things that can melt in hot months.
  • Send healthy foods when you can. Here’s a list of 72 healthy foods that are care package-safe.

Meals and Side Dishes



Gluten-Free, Organic, Vegetarian, etc.



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